Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I enjoy the sense of pride the students here have.


Colorado State Universiyt created student housing for students in the College of Natural Sciences and it's been an amazing opportunity for all of us. All of the students in Laurel Village are kind and motivated and we all work together because of our similair courses. It's been the best thing to help me transition into a new school.


Colorado State University takes pride in taking care of fellow classmates and creating an overall friendly environment, and this is an aspect that is truly present. No matter if it is out on the town or in a classroom, I have yet to meet a fellow CSU student who is unwilling to help others. Also, no matter where I am on campus, people consistently are opening doors for others and are kind and friendly to whomever they may talking to.


There is kindness in everyone, and there are always people to have fun with or help get you through school or life. There is also so much that is offered that even if you did a different event every day, you would still not have covered everything by the time you graduated, so take advantage of it all!


Colorado State University's campus is breath-taking. Trees scatter the campus, artwork is on display, and many of buildings have recenently been renovated. Campus does not consist of scattered classrooms all over town, but a nice cluster of buildings all in one area. Not only is the campus absolutely beautiful, but the people are, too. The sense of community at CSU could make any person feel welcome, which is a wonderful thing to feel when attending a place that consists of 25,000 people. With such amazing people surrounding you, it is impossible to feel alone.


I enjoy almost everything about CSU. The faculty are dedicated to the students, always available to answer questions or just have a conversation. The theatre program is small, which makes for a close-knit community of students who are all invested in their education and truly love theatre.


Colorado State University is amazing for so many different reasons. The first time I stepped foot on CSU's campus I was taken away. Between the freindly smilies, beautiful mountain backdrop, up-to-date buildings and amenities, and everyone's free-spirited way of life, it was hard not to fall in love. What I love most about Colorado State University is that this school allows for people from all different backgrounds to thrive in an encouraging and engadging environment that sets them up for success. No one judges here, and there is always someone available giving away "free hugs."


I think one of the best things about Colorado State is that it is in Northern Colorado. It's within an hour of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, an hour and a half from the state capital of Denver (and therefore the zoo and aquarium), and if so desired, only about an hour from Cheyenne, Wyoming (which has a vibrant and incredible downtown). Of course, that's only if one gets bored with the nightlife and scenery of Olde Town Fort Collins.


The best thing about Colorado State Unversity is the city of Fort Collins. Fort Collins is a beautiful town filled with wonderful, kind people. There are so many one-of-kind places that make it a great college town.


I believe that the best thing about CSU is the campus and incredible and student friendly professors and staff. I had the most resourceful Residential Advisor and my professors all wanted to get to know their students on a personal level. Fort Collins itself is a safe town and the campus is student and biker friendly. There are many job opportunities and places to explore in Fort Collins. The little but big city of Fort Collins made me feel relaxed and at ease my freshmen year.


The best thing about CSU is the community. Most people consider themselves part of something bigger here. You generally see random acts of kindness every day and it is refreshing.


The agricultural program is the best part of Colorado State University. The College of agriculture, and the Animal Sciences Department in particular goes out of its way to make students feel like they are a part of the "Ag Family." I even recieved a holiday card from the Animal Sciences Department. With so few 4 year universities offering this major, CSU does an exceptional job in this area.


The people are down to earth, friendly, and helpful, creating a respectful and vivacious atmosphere. Aside from being in a state that has sunshine for more than two hundred days out of the year, CSU is also situated amidst the great outdoors, which translates into a great, active lifestyle of the students. Finally, the entire CSU staff is there for the students, making each person's college experience invaluable and better in every way possible. It is an chance of a lifetime to attend this great university, and every student walks away knowing they have fluorished.


Everyone is so friendly here. If you look lost or confused at all somebody with ask if you need help. Most people say hi even if you have never ment or say sorry if they bump into you. One of the coolest things is if you wear clothing from other colleges nobody gives you crap about it like i thought they would. We also have really nice and respectful sports fans.


The campus is so big, but yet they make it feel like we are all family. The campus is big and beautiful and friendly.


The best thing if the school has to be hands down the staff. All of the staff from the adviors, professors, and even the grounds keepers are very excited in the success of the students. The campus offers a plathora of resourses to ensure the success of its students and being a first generation student this is a push I am beyond excited about.


This might sound a bit strange, but honestly it's door holding. I've gone to 3 different schools and moved around a lot outside of that too, and never in my life have I ever seen such door holding etiquette. People always hold the door for someone walking behind them, even if they are 5-10 paces back! It's a simple gesture, but it really makes you feel like you have friends everywhere you go.


Our campus is unique because it covers so much square footage. Most campuses, like CU Boulder (yuck), are really compact. You can see most of the buildings from the dorm windows. It takes a very small amount of time to walk from point A to point B. At CSU, it takes approximately ten mintues to walk from any one of the dorms to the plaza, where most of the buildings that classes are in are located. This can be a good or bad thing. On a nice day, you can take a nice lesiurely stroll to your class and enjoy the green grass and flowering trees, but if you accidentally over sleep until five mintues before your class starts, you're going to need Lance Armstrong's agility to bike fast enough to make it to class.


When I first entered CSU I felt really out of place because I was an undeclared student. However, when I declared my major I loved how I felt like I was part of a family, all of whom were working toward the greater good of the whole. I loved the many opportunities that were made available to me, even though I could not participate in most of them due to working full time. If I could go back I would win the lotto so I would not have to work through school so I could participate more!


I love the size. Walking between classes, you feel like you are in a city of entirely college students, but in classes, you feel like you're in an exclusive classroom.


The school has really good recreational facilities and lots of ways to get involved on campus. Many clubs, rec sports and classes you can take!


I don't really know how it compares to other schools, but I would say how bike friendly our campus is. There are bike lanes/paths and so many people bike to school. I wish there were more bike lock areas, but it works. We have bike cops, which can be annoying if you don't follow the rules, but it does help with safety for both bikers and pedestrians.


The best thing to me about CSU is the campus and available resources. Not only is the campus gorgeous and well designed, the university offers endless resources. There are countless student organizations, as well as resources for any questions, problems, or interests a person has. For example, there is an incredible Recreation Center, a Women and Gender Advocacy Center, a free tutoring program, free mentoring groups, on campus counseling, a SafeWalk program, and many other countless resources that make the transition and the following years great for CSU students.


The research facilities are fantastic!


I also work at my school, making things very convenient.


The best thing about CSU is the opportunities it gives to students. As a student, you can do pretty much anything you want in academics, involvement, sports, etc. It is so fun and exciting and challenging.


The bes thing about this school is the opportunities. The rec center is top of the line and the library and other facilities are also great to use. Teachers here are willing to take time to help you out, and that makes a big difference.


I think the best thing about Colorado State University is how well the campus is set up and how amazingly nice the falcutly and students are to one another. The campus is so easy to get around and it comes with a nice view of the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains. The people are so nice and the professors are always willing to meet outside of class if you ever need any extra help. As for the students, they too are very nice and are very easy to make friends with.


I really like the students and the community surrounding Colorado State University. This is good for the majority of students because they can get involved in with the school more easily and the Fort Collins community.


The area around the campus, Colorado is beautiful and Fort Collins is as well. Also, the proffessors as far as I have seen are very helpful and care about your success.


State supported university with wide variety of majors and degree programs. Diversity is welcomed and opportunities for educational advancement are numerous.


The best thing about my school is that it is close to home and it offers many different academic programs that help you to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.


I am a stay at home mom in Castle Rock. All of my classes at CSU are online. This allows me the opportunity to finish school and care for my three young children. The Continueing Education department at CSU works with Adult Students and well as traditional students to give them access to CSU and thier staff to create a wonderful environment to learn.


The best thing about my school is the envrionment. It's easy to study and get away into a quite corner to concentrate, but network at the same time.


The best thing about Colorado State University (CSU) is the wide variety of clubs and organizations that a student can get involved in. During my freshmen year, I joined Kappa Delta Soroity and the Pre-Physical Therapy Club. There is a club or organization for everyone. CSU encourages to students to attend other organization's event by inviting everyone and making everyone feel welcome. CSU's welcoming atmosphere is the biggest appeal for most students and promotes friendship and diversity among the students.


I really love alot of the people I have met. Students and porfessors alike.


There are many things that I love at Colorado State University and have had a completely life changing experience going here. If I must choose I would say that meeting all of the awesome people here and doing Key Service (an orginization at CSU) are the greatest things about the school. I feel very privlidged because I met my future roommates and, hopefully, life-long friends within the first week.


The availability of resources to students, ranging from counseling to clubs to join to volunteer and service opportunities. The location is great, too - Colorado provides an array of outdoor activities plus great weather for these activities.


Camaraderie. If you are Rams, you are instantly at least friendly acquantinces. There are no formal cliques or pariahs on campus, very few walls between students save the ones they erect themselves. Often the silence of study will be broken by a comment from a total stranger, and everyone will add their own comment. A student with a dead car will never fail to get a jump, a ride home, or a phone and the number for a tow company from a classmate who happened to walk by. We're all in this together, and we know it.


The best thing is the fact that you get to take classes that you actually enjoy and at the times that you will function the best. I am currently a business major and really enjoy taking business classes. I am personally a morning person so it is nice being able to take classes that fit me best so that I can get them over with earlier in the day. It is very easy to stay motivated when you are taking classes that you enjoy and taking them at the times that fit me best.


The people. Everyone is very friendly and laid back. It's easy to make friends. There are great programs in place for students to get invovled in the community and make a difference in any way they choose. Every opportunity is available at this school if you are willing to step forward and take it.


The campus during the summer or spring when the grass on the fields is green and the trees around the oval are green is incredible. The best part of CSU is the campus, if you haven't seen it you need to.


Colorado State University has an absolutely gorgeous campus, just take a walk around the historic Oval during late summer and sit under one of the trees on the cool grass. The campus is well organized and easily navigated while one is searching for classes. However my absolute favorite part about the campus is the view of the Rocky Mountains. Growing up in the foothills I have seen mountains all my life and fear that without them I would lose all direction. CSU is a friendly and familiar campus and I couldn't enjoy it more.


The best thing about this school is the variety. It's a large school so there's always activities, people, and opportunities. I love that everywhere you go, you can see someone you know and they will say hi to you. Plus, you can never be bored because there is so much the campus and town has to offer. You can choose a quiet night to go to dinner with your friends or you can join in a big pep rally before the football game. If there's something you want to do, you can do it.


The best thing about CSU is the social environment. Everyone around campus is friendly. If you ned help finding a class you can ask anybody you see and they will help you find your way. In the dorms this is especially evident. It is a rule that when your there and not studying your door must be open so people can say hi and meet you and this happens everyday. The first week of school i knew everyone in my hall and in other halls as well.


I love Colorado State University's campus. It is so beautiful and it offers so much for its students. the recreational center is free and the Student Center has a lot of helpful services, even a flower shop and hair salon! I love how the students are the top priority and everything is focused on us. There are also many acedemic tools available. There is a builing on campus that has free tutors to help studens with anything they need.


The best thing about my school is the amount of opportunities there are for students to get involved. There is an organization or club for everthing you could imagine, and you can also start your own! There are plenty of on campus jobs, some of which you don't even have to leave the dorms! Colorado State University caters to the students and their needs.


I appreciate the strong focus on research. It makes a big difference when your professors are actually conducting groundbreaking research in the areas they are teaching.


It's a small school feeling in a larger school environment. People are very friendly, the teachers are awesome, and there is always something to do in Fort Collins. It's the perfect college town, a beautiful campus, and very academically supportive. GO RAMS!


The best thing about my school is the people. Attending school at CSU is a great way to meet tons of new people and make great new friends. It's so easy to connect with other students and make strong friendships you know you'll have for the rest of your life. It is hard to imagine what school would be like without all the great people I have met over the past three years.