Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Spamming peoples phones at 2 in the morning reminding them to sign up


CTU is best known for its ability to allow people with heavy workloads, inability to attend county colleges, or parents with no personal time, to go back to school and get a degree. I have also found that with the very flexible classes, you can work and have a personal life all at the same time.


Christian teachings.


the education taught is used in real life career oriented programs


The school is probably best known for their flexibility to the working students, and also the accelerated classes to help finish college faster.


Colorado Technical University Online is best known for its academic programs, online campus, professors who are experts of their field, academic policies, and its network of students and professors. The university also offers career services such as resume help. It has case-study courses that relate to an individual's major. The admission and educations counselors are very friendly and patient when explaining and describing the enrollment process and what one might expect when classes begin. Professors are quick to help you out (response time is within 24 hours) and are very concerned with your progress in their class.


Colorado Technical University's Online (and campus) classes are taught by industry leaders who bring real-world experiences to the class room. They are an excellent source for knowledge, and are able to keep with the growing technology in today's workplace. This is especially true in the engineering and science degrees offered. The school's online library is filled with a wealth of information to help with studies and their student support and clubs help when college life gets tough.