Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I take classes online which helps with my time and money. My school carters to my needs and if I have a questions, they are quick to find me an answer. I never had any problems with my college. I really like my school!


When I am speaking to my friends about CTU Online, I let them know how happy I am to be going back to school and attending classes in my pajama's. In addition, I point out the flexible cirriculum schedule that fits into your already busy life, archived recordings available to review at your leisure, in case you miss the actual class and the many resources available to you at your finger tips to help achieve your degree. I must not forget the very helpful acedemic advisors and financial aid staff that help make transistion back to school possible.


I brag about how I can attend school during any time of day I want. That is a very important benefit to an online school because I have young children at home to look after. I don't have to carve out large chunks of time to find a sitter for my children, then travel to the campus and sit in a classroom. Instead I can attend class throughout the day in smaller chunks of time and still be able to take care of my children.


When I tell friends about my school, I describe how helpful they are. The school that I attend is very helpful for older students looking to continue their education.


When I brag about Colorado Technical University Online, I inlcude the fact that my classes can fit in my busy schedule. The 24 hour technical support, along with the support from faculty and staff. From the very beginning there was someone there to answer all of my questions and guided me safely through the virtual campus. To this very day, every week I recieve a call from my academic advisor.