Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think they could use better FinAid advidsors they are very rude to the students


So far it has been an interesting but good experience.

Rashida R.

It's a great school. The Advisors show they care about you and your education.


Colorado Technical University Online has many resources for their students. The instructors are all qualified and do their best to help students succeed. There is ample interaction with other students through the discussion boards. Students often get a better understanding and learn by reading and replying to other students with in the discussion board. Student advisors and other staff are always very quick to reply to the students’ needs and concerns. CTU also have resources for each assignment like MUSE and eBooks along with instructors information to use to learn and do assignments.


I have found that this school has given me more help and assistance with my enrollment, financial aid and how to use the resources for this school, much more than the other online schools that I have attended. When mentioning the school name, I get positive input that someone knows someone that has attended or is attending. I have no regrets to the choice that I have made for attending this school year that is about to start in February. My class Advisor has been helping me all along the way and I couldn't ask for a better gentleman to be working with me. The bad experience that I had previously had me apprehensive at first to attend school online again. But, I have put all my confidence in my class Advisor and I am very happy with the school of choice. I have shared the school information to other students that are looking into a future with Colorado Tech University, as well.


I am still in the process of registering for classes. But I am impressed with the admission process. My admission advisor is very nice and professional. I get a call every week just to see how things are going. I am searching for scholarship money to help pay for my classes. The financial aid department gave me this website to help me. I am a senior citizen trying to work my through school to receive my Bachelor Degree and the staff has been so very kind and helpful.


I am in graduate school at Colorado Technical University online. My major is Compute Science- Data Systems. I love the fact that I have a flexible study schedule to study and go to work. I love the fact that CTU has a good repertation of preparing its students for successful careers. When I tell people about my attending CTU, the first question they ask is about the curriculum and the amount of time I have online and and do I receive online tutoring, if needed. The CTU alumni is excellent. Everyone I have reached out to have had position things to say about their education at CTU. At CTU you have advisors who are with you every step of the way. If I need to talk-both personal and academic, my advisor is there for me. I love my classmates and professors. CTU was a great move for me!