Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I have learning disabilities so I learn best by doing, not by reading a text, taking notes and then attempting to pass exams. CTU On-line is more like on-the-job training. The courses provide you with a company background and position within the company and it is your responsibility to do the work and I have recommended it to everyone I have met who wants to pursue a degree in business!


This college has more resources than a student knows what to do with. I am still learning them myself after about 2 years at this college. Although, they can all be learned for students who are eager to see and learn what all this college has to offer the world, online of offline. If students are willing to put in the extra time to talk to CTU counselors, then there are many different departments who can help students with their problems or goals in life. CTU looks to see all of their students to succeed in college and their lifetimes.


When i began looking for colleges i would start out looking for the tution and acidemic achevements with in the school, which helped me see that Colorado Technical University- online would b e the best for me. With the flexible hours, open hearted and welcoming staff and students the envinorment is amazing.


No test.


The best thing about my school is the career focused program it provides. When you attend this school you instantly go into the major or degree program associated with your career goals. I like this because you can earn your degree in less time when you go in knowing what you want to do.


Like I had said before, going to school online is a God sent. I have more time with my family because I am at home and not on the road traveling all of the time between school and home. It is a lot more challeging and a more work to be done in my classes bit will be worth it and I like a challege!


The best thing about this school is that they have live lectures. I had attended an online school without lectures and it was very difficult. I am hoping that once I get into 'normal' classes that this will be a big advantage. I want to learn and not pay to teach myself. Also, the instructors seem to actually want to help the students whereas before, not so much.


The online experience is a great way to learn while working full-time.


I have enjoyed this school because I can do my work in my office and I have all kinds of help online when I have questions. I have only been in school for 2 weeks and have learned a world of information. I love it already. I have been out of school for 28 years and didn't feel like I could do this but with their help and encouragement I am seeing I can. My only problem is the funding. I would like to know I wouldn't have to owe my life when I am through. Thanks.


The best thing about my school is how the ciriculum is done. We are able to work at our own pace as long as we keep our assignments turned in on time yet we have twice a week to be able to ask or professors any questions we may have in regards to our assignments. The school pushes the student to feel like they can do their best. They are supportive, understanding and will work with a student at all costs. We are given all the tools needed to succeed. It is up to the student to do their best.


The best thing about Colorado Technical University Online, is that it is accessable from any computer with internet access 24 hours a day. I don't have to wait until 8 am to go to class as with a conventional land campus. I can set my own schedule to attend class when it is convienent for me.


It is completely online.


Flexible. Learn from home, without having to give up home or job. Get the program or degree I want without a lot of extra unnecessary classes. Focused on degree area.


As an older student trying to get my degree it has been great to speak with advisors who understand my issues.