Columbus State Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of the students are kids right out of highschool who have taken a look at their finances before receiving a huge amount of debt and would like to keep it that way.


The two types of student: the one who will go on to do mind blowing, amazing things within their field and the one who only talks to you when they want to insult you based on whatever they see fit.


A completely diverse group of people in culture, race and age who come together to affordably pursue or advance their education.


My classmates have all been very friendly and helpful. Everyone is polite and accomodating.


My classmates are the true meaning of the melting pot. They are all from different backgrounds, races, age and education levels. However, we all have the same educational goal.


Classmates consist of many demographics from highschoolers to experienced individuals of all ranges of age.


My classmates are the same as any person you may have known in your highshool.


From the way they look, speak, act, and are, my classmates remind me of the diversity and sense of community within the city.


My classmates show great initiative and alot of them are a few years older returning to school to get their associate's degree

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