Columbus State Community College Top Questions

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Stop being stingy, go to a real college, you will have a bad time here and won't learn the important life lessons that come with real colleges.


What's so unique about Columbus State is that students can take thier time in planning their future. With this college the advisors can help you plan a path of oppurtunity such as getting a degree there or putting the student on a pathway program. The pathway program is for students that want to transfer to a university after two years. How I can compare this to other schools is, Columbus State is a beginning for the future getting a student ready for making that big step in making a choice in a university.


The value is great. Tuition is much lower at CSCC than any other state school in Central Ohio. The advising services were superior to those I received at a major state university. There is a huge selection of majors for a community college as well, and also lots of transfer agreements with four year schools.


The class size is smaller than most schools of its size and it has the lowest cost per credit hour in the area. Also on the public bus lines. The students are actually taught by teachers many of which also work in their fields that they teach about. For example my geology teacher is also a land surveyer. The campus is the perfect size so one does not have to trek halfway across the city to get to class. We also get a large age range from people fresh out of high school to adults returning for a second career.


Well one of the unique and beneficial things that I like about my school, is that it is small. I find it very convenient to get one on one help with the teacher as oppose to a university in the classroom. Also the tutition is very affordable which is a big plus in my book, and lastly the people their are so respectable, and of course kind. Also this school is partnered with Ohio State and other universities if you want to transfer over there nicely. Overall this is a great college and you would be accepted with open arms.


I like that it is a very good place to transition to other colleges. CSCC is also relatively inexpensive and a great deal of credits transfer to the school in which I want to finish my undergrad. Going to a community college helped me meet people that were already finished with their first degree and are now on to earn a technical degree to re-enter a very competetive job market. These people improved the way I view college as a whole. I realize that college was made to prepare you for your major.


The school costs much less than others and the class sizs were also smaller.


When i started out at columbus state, i was a post secondary student, and going to this college really opened my eyes to the qualities of education, and the college experience. It was so much better i think then high school was, there were more collaborations amongst students and more in depth class discussions with the students during any course. The classes seemed to get more done as far as learning more in a short period of time, which also i think helped keep them from getting boring like in a high school.


Columbus State Community College offers a wide variety of classes offered online. This works best for me because I can work, be a mom and still get an education.


Columbus State is unique because it is extremely affordable. The Professors are helpful and being able to take some courses online is helpful. Online courses are helpful because as college student money is tight and using less gas helps.

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