Columbus State Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The environment, there are little to no clubs and it seems that none of the students want to be in or around the school any longer than they have to be.


I had somthing that was really bothering me and that was seing people smoke. But I think that the college went smoke free this year. Now I am feel better.


The fact that my school is a community college, has a few disadvantages since most students complete only a few classes and transfer, and hence the opportunity to make good frienships significantly decreases. That would be the only con of going to a 2 year community college.


You get what you pay for. The classes are cheap but they are not that engaging.


A lot of people from my high school looked down on community college because it can be ignorantly stereotyped to have a less academic value compared to a four year university. Therefore, I believe this makes student take less pride in my school. That is definitely something that should be changed.


Its a depressing looking community college, and I'm here only to finish up my gen eds.


Located downtown.


You can choose one class up to a maximum of four classes at a time. It's nice for students that want to take it slow, or adults that want to complete their degree, but for students that want to get a good full education, it's hard because classes are limited and selective. Prices per credit are quite expensive as well.


The worst thing about this school is that it is not an on-campus site to where students can just roll out of bed and go to class but they do offer nearby apartments to students. I dislike that my school is so huge that we don't carry eough security on campus for women that are walking to their cars who need assistance from criminals and rapist. However, I find this school would be one that I can see any student who can't afford a private college or school alone loving to guiide them to their successful careers.


The worst thing about college is trying to get use to being in school, my time managing skills and getting more organized. I have gotten better with my timing by spacing out my classes and also allowing more study time in the day. I now organize my papers by note, homework assignments and reports. In doing doing that I am more organized.


I beleive the worst thing about Columbus state Community College is the student parking available! The attendence rate as increased considerably over the past few years and the alotted parking has not, therefore resulting in near traffic jams in the parking lots while students attempt to find somewhere to park. I also believe that upon enrollment the advisors could do a better job on informing students about the processes that they must take to get completly enrolled and financial aide rolling, as it can be kind of a confusing process at first.


The worst thing about Columbus State Community College is that students are unable to obtain a four year degree. When you can obtain an education from a school that offers affordable tuition, small classes, state of the art resources, and a fun atmosphere, it?s a shame you have to go elsewhere to obtain a bachelors degree. Aside from that parking can be a challenge from time to time.


The worst thing about CSCC is that a lot of times the instructors are really just glorified high school teachers. These instructors treat adult students like teenagers and show little consideration for one's commitments to work and family, not just school. In addition, this type of instructor is known to have be unfamiliar with new technology and the wonders of powerpoint lectures.


Well I am not one to complain about something that has been given to me as an opportunity to better myself. I really do not have anything to complain about except maybe that we need more classes availiable online as well as maybe a few more parking places. Other than the things that I have mentioned I do not have any problems with my school.


Columbus State needs to upgrade in there facility, and make it more modern. To me they need to clean it up because it looks very dirty. It would probably have more students go to this school once it got much cleaner.


The worst thing about my current school is the record breaking student population. This has made it so scheduling meetings with advisors is the only way to get them alone for any amount of time. It makes scheduling classes a cut throat competition in which I must enroll within the first day or two that I can. As a result, I have made efforts schedule all of my classes at an off campus location and have mapped my way through this community college by my own individual means.


I think the worst part of school is the parking and class availabilty. It is hard to find parking because we are a community college with almost 35,000 students since more people are returning to school. Classes are also only available certain quarters and times which is not always flexible for the student.


The worst thing about my school is the large number of students. So many people are going to my school that parking has become an issue. My school is trying to solve the problem by offering classes at another local university, but the bad economy is making the problem worse. Many people, including teachers, come to class late because of parking, which is disruptive to the education process. Many students have to resort to buses or carpooling, which are inconvenient. Students are very frustrated by it, which just adds to the stress they are under and makes college very problematic.


Nothing, really, I have not the opportunity to expirence it fully yet. So I can't really give answer to that question at this time.


Trying to get around the campus is a little confusing, probably because I do most things online so I just don't know my way around very well yet.


I don't consider anything bad about the school except parking. Parking is horrible and you need to schedule your classes in times that makes parking easier. Otherwise leave atleast an hour early to make it to class on time.

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