Concordia College-New York Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


I dont believe any student would feel out of place at Concordia. It's a friendly place that accepts anyone. Most students just wear jeans, boots, tee shits and hats to class. They wear this to be comfortable. Ive never heard anyone talk about how much they'll earn once they leave school. I think most people dont know what they'll do once they get out.


Students in the dining hall tend to stay with their own groups. But since the school is so small, most students know others.


In Concordia college, there is respect towards students ethnicity, religion and soci0-economic position. Students are not discriminated. Because the school have a wide range of ethnic groups and religious background, students are used to socialize with students with different backgrounds. Most of the students of Concordia are Americans but there is a significant amount of international students. In Concordia College everyone is treated the same regardless of where they are from.


Its very well mixed with different ethnicities and nationalities.. There are positive curiosities and interests about diffferent cultures


I am from India, my first visit to New York is when I joined Concordia. I really felt like I was home away from home. The campus community and the student body was very friendly, which never made me feel homesick. I got accustomed to this campus and America very quickly this was possible only because the support I got from this community.


Extremely diverse! There are tons of students from different countries, states, and regions. You learn just as much from your peers as you do your professors sometimes!


Different students do interact at Concordia. I have become friends with a huge, diverse group of people. My best friend here is actually from Central America. Most foreigners that come here are really nice and friendly. In Business, we have a lot of group projects where we get to work with a diverse group of people. You are able to learn about the different cultural backgrounds each of them has. This is great because you are able to get a better view on life outside your own.


Many of the students here at Concordia are from New York, although our student body is made up of many different international students, mostly from asia and latin america. The students have some kind of defined groupings, but everyone pretty much hangs out with everyone else, even if they do not realize it.


Before I came to Concordia I had never shared with such a diverse group of people like I do now. Concordia is truly a little world of its own because there are so many students (including myself) from abroad that it is just great to understand and learn from different cultures and values.


MOst students are middle class. It is like an extension of high school in that the same cliques still exist.


There is a wide variety of students at Concordia. It is almost impossible to not find a group of friends that you share many interests with. Most of my friends are international students because I enjoy learning their cultures and languages. However, I also hang out and associate with many of the commuters and other Americans. As I already said, it is very easy to find a group of close friends at Concordia.


Concordia is a very diverse campus, with students from all around the country and the world. You will meet people from all kinds of different places, and it's a very neat experience. Some people choose to be very involved on campus, and others choose to just go to classes. I've found it much more fulfilling to be involved all over campus, and in all the clubs and organizations on campus, there is a spot for everyone! All of the students are unique and important to campus, and many have become some of my closest friends.


Outta Control!! Lol...that was on the backs of our class sweatshirts!! No but we were an OK group


Their respectful to the teacher, we have many foreigners.


My classmates are friendly and considerate.