Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I do know all of my professors names. My favorite class so far was the Sociology of Globalization. It was very interesting and extremely fun. I haven't had a class that I really disliked. So far the most unique class ive taken has been Ceramics. It's a good way to just relax and let all your frustrations out.


Time is spent with professors outside of class. For some English classes, we take trips into the N.Y.C. or have dinner. It's a great way to have conversations in a different setting. Having N.Y.C nearby is also a great resource and many professors take us to plays, museums, restaurants. etc. Concordia embodies the liberal yes while students are always looking to get a job, Concordia provides that learning for its own sake type experience. It's about becoming an educated individual.


Because in Concordia college there is a good interaction between students and teachers, it is hard to find a favorite class. You enjoy most of the classes you take. And another advantage of having small classes is that if you have any questions about a class or a grade you can arrange a meeting with the professor as soon as possible. Also, the school help the students to improve through tutoring section. If you are an international student, like me, learning English is not a problem. The school have an intense program of English as second language(ESL). Some topics given during the courses are so interesting that some students organize meetings outside the classrooms to discuss them. Concordia college have different ways to recognize your academic development. There is a Dean's list in which students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are listed. Also, the school give scholarships that cover half of the tuition per year. In order to get this, students need to have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and be enrolled in the fellows program. Something I like about Concordia is the technological facilities available to students. These make the classes more dynamic and help the students to keep in touch with the instructors and also do their assignments. The school really try to help students to develop their academics skills. An amazing office at Concordia College is the Career development center. Through this office, students get their tutors (which work with you weekly and for free), find jobs on and off campus and the most important, it facilitates students to do their internships.


Its small so professors know your name..Its very hard to skip class because you would see your professors everywhere around campus.. Professor are always willing to help and they have very flexible office hours


Once again its a small campus and it has its own advantages. Concordia professor knows students on a very personal note. They work for our sucess, they also encourage students to meet with them anytime and discuss about anything, it could be current events or your future goals, acedemic doubts and even sports for that matter. I am an Business major with Accounting concentration if I have to tell something about that department I would say that they are highly professional and also very friendly people.


If you do your work and communicate with your professors, there should be no problems. There are multiple helpful services on the college campus including, tutoring, the writing center and a program that allows students to have longer time on tests and for someone else to take their notes for them if the professor talks too fast.


The professors here are awesome! Being a Business major, I have come close to many of the Business professors. They always greet me with a smile. They all want you to succeed and help you in any way they can. Some of them make class a joy to be in. Others are serious during classtime, but this helps you to experience both types of people to prepare you for the real-world.


Concordia may be small, but the professors at this school are very intelligent, and you will learn so much from them. Plus, because of the school's size, the professors also get to know the students which helps students to stay on trakc with their academics.


Everyone at Concordia knows each other. Teachers know you by name and you are able to develop relationships outside classroom with your faculty by participating in the different events the college offers.


The classes are generic, there is no extraordinary class. I hate the Concordia Distinctive, it is not used anywhere besides here.


I love the academics here because the teachers give you all the attention that you want. They understand that the students are paying top dollar to attend this college, so they will give you the time and help that is necessary for success. The education prepares students for real world jobs. Instead of just learning facts, students engage in interesting classroom discussions on important topics related to the class curriculum along with current events.


The great thing about Concordia being a small school is that every professor will know you - even some that you've never had! They know more than just your name, and they genuinely care about what's going on in your life. They're very willing to work with you, and are overall great people. You probably won't see a day that professors aren't eating lunch with students in the dining hall. Also, because we are a liberal arts college, every student is required to complete the "Concordia Distinctive" which is a list of general education classes that are helpful for graduate schools and life in general.