Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I think International club and Student Government are the most popular. There seems to be a lot of people in both of these clubs. The few traditions that happen there are the Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving dinner and pumpkin carving. On a Saturday night you could watch a movie, go to the city just relax and talk to friends or if your close enough go home.


I am part of Theta, which is a Christian sorority. Most of what we do revolves around fundraising. last semester we ran a karaoke to raise money, this semester an Women's Appreciation Tea and a Raffle. It's a great group of girls who are very supportive. Band Bash is a traditional Concordia event each spring. It's a great way to end the academic year.


Concordia College have i think 2 sororities and 2 fraternities which activities are as popular as the activities organized by the International Club. There are also other clubs and associations: Student Goverment, cheer leaders, orientation commit members, Concordia Tour Choir, Concordia Choir and others. the school also counts with a set of musical activities and art expositions.


we are a division 2 college NCAA so attending athletic activities is a major past time. There are also club activities and frat parties to attend. besides its thirty minutes away from manhattan so its fun.


Student Activities: we have a lot of clubs and events which gets us involved socially, but the best thing is that when you hangout in friends room.


Concordia offers baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, cheerleading and greek life to name a few social clubs.


Before I came to Concordia, I joined the Facebook group for Class of 2011. I started talking to this girl who seemed really nice and just like me. Once I got to campus, I finally met here face to face. This girl became my roomate for the past two years and we are great friends. Another awesome friend I met was during classes. We had a lot of the same classes together and we just started bonding one day over an assignment in class. We became best freinds and always sign up for the same classes.


There are some great student organizations on campus; however, we do need more. The great thing about Concordia is that the administration is supportive of new groups that want to start up, so if we don't have what you are looking for, you can always get some friends together and make it happen.


There are many clubs and organizations in school such as: commuter council, international club, dance club, cheerleaders and drama club. There are fraternities and sororities too. Since the college is fairly small, you can create your own group or organization in a matter of days, simply by asking SGA for assistance. Also, NYC is only 30 min. away, therefore on weekends it is easy to go hang out in the city with a group of friends.


Non-existant social life. There are rarely any activities.


There is not one sports team that is more popular than the other. Sororities and frats are not too popular either. Everybody just does their own thing and enjoys it. There are not too many parties, but most of the people enjoy going to clubs after a 25 minute train ride into Grand Central Stadium.


There are a variety of clubs and organizations on Concordia's campus ranging from Student Government to Greek organizations to ALHC (an International/Multicultural Club) to Music & Talent Club. The weekends tend to be quiet because many students go away, but those who stay here are friendly and enjoy spending time with one another, either relaxing, going into the city, or doing homework together. There is always something to do on campus - just ask your friends what they're doing and you will find something fun!