Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about Concordia is the the faculty. They are easy to talk to and always willing to help. They are friendly and engage you in conversations outside of class. I also think that they college's smallness helps a lot because I learn better in a smaller atmosphere.


Concordia has a small, unique community that really offers its students the ability to feel a part of family. Students have the opportunity to engage with faculty and student peers, which provides a great amount of support for academic and social excellence.


The big about Concordia is that it has small classes. This facilitates the interaction between students-students and teachers-students. when I say that I go to Concordia people immediately say "Oh, good school, you sure are smart if you are going there'. I think they might say this because of the academic courses that the school provide which in my opinion are very good. Regardless if you commute or dorm, most of the students spend their time on campus. Because most of the students know each other and also because usually students are involved in another activities on campus, we literally speaking, just go home to sleep.


Concordia is a small school in a very big city. its very ideal because you get both of both worlds. Small community where everyone is like a family!


The best thing about Concordia is that its a very small campus. So everyone in this community will contribute something towards a student's sucess both academic and in extracuricular activities. The professors are very friendly and they play an important role in shaping you into an sucessfull individual.


The best thing about Concordia is it's a small campus. Small can be a good and bad thing. The reasons why going to a smaller school is always a benefit, especially for students coming out of highschool is it makes for an easy transition. At Concordia, you're known by your name rather than your social security number and it's easier to connect with faculty and staff on a more personal level. Some people don't like a small setting because within the first two to three weeks with the help of facebook and other social networking sites outside of the classroom, it may become boring knowing everyone. Going to a larger school has more surprises I suppose. I'm a commuter student at Concordia and also a transfer student. The town of Bronxville is a quiet town that has local and chain restaurants just blocks away from campus. The Metro North and Bee Line Bus Service are very easy to get to from campus. The train is about a mile walk and the bus stops right infront of the campus. Concordia's main goal is to help it's students out to the best of their power. However students must speak up, no one is a mind-reader. But if you go to a professor or staff member of the college they are very helpful.


The best thing about Concordia is its size. It's small so you are able to know almost everyone including: students, teachers, and office workers. They are a wonderful bunch of people who care about your well-being and are always there to help you out. You become part of a family here.


Concordia is a great small school. It is big enough were you can obtain a great education, and small enough were you can grow with the help of your friends and the faculty.


Concordia has the perfect size eventhough is considered to be a really small college. Everyone is really friendly, helpful and you just simply get a good vibe from the people at Concordia - including faculty and staff.


The best thing about Concordia is the small student to teacher ratio that allows for close interaction between students and faculty. The worst thing is that it is very disorganized and does not appreciate its International students, financially or socially.


I think that the school is too small, but that won't be something that is easy to change. The campus has no room to expand. I spend most of my time in the library or in my room because the teachers expect the best out of their students. Many students complain about how there is nothing to do on campus, but Student Government is working hard to come up with fun events that students will attend.


Concordia is a very small school, and that has benefits and downsides. The biggest benefit is that you get to know everyone; the biggest consequence is that everyone will know everything about you. Make smart decisions and you will have a wonderful time here! We are located about 30 minutes from Manhattan, so there is always a variety of things to do and places to go. Ultimately, the Concordia experience is what you make of it.