Concordia College-New York Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The two different types of students, the super motivated and awesome people verses the students who could careless about school.


The cattyness of some of the girls who attend the school. Insuffiecent communication about cancellation of classes due to inclament weather.


We have the city no more then 30 mins away and it was rare that we went in to do different things with our classes or even on the weekend because the train was a far walk and we didnt have a way of getting there.


religion class


The most frustrating thing about this school were my fellow students. Most of them were people who spent more time partying and being disrespectful than focusing on class. Most of the students at this school were very self-centered and had little interest in helping the community as a whole coming to class late and walking all over the faculty as they hand in daily assignments late. Ihe recruitement at this school seems like they have dropped the religious aspects of this school and turned it into a "second chance" school allowing any idiot to enter this school.