Concordia University-Nebraska Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Driven by success.


Concordia University-Nebraska is a conservative, Christ-centered campus focused on preparing its students both spiritually and academically for the real world.


Concordia is very diverse, not everyone has the same religion, and the backgrounds some people come from surprise you.


Concordia University is a school that places high importance on growing with one another in your faith, excelling in your educations, finding opportunities that will enrich your future, and building relationships with faculty members and students that will benefit you for years to come.


Concordia University provides a quality education that is both academically and faith based.


Concordia University is a small Christian centered school that provides superb professional and liberal arts programs.


Concordia is a friendly school that creates lifelong friendships and prepares students for the future.