Concordia University-Nebraska Top Questions

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This school has an extremely close-knit community and the offers so many opportunities to its students. At some schools, you have to choose which activity to be involved in. Here, you can do clubs, sports, drama and on-campus jobs. It is easy to get involved in many things.


Concordia is a Christian school, which drew me to it because this allows me to discuss my faith with other students and professors during and outside of class. I also like how the professors here really get to know you and help you any way they can.


It's great being with other conservative Lutheran students who like to have fun without drinking.


Concordia has a different atmosphere than other schools I have been to. The buildings are closer which makes getting to class or dorms more convienent. Also, the people on campus are often saying hi and taking interest in the lives of others. My favorite thing is the faith-based atmosphere of the entire campus.


Small class sizes, strong Christian community, overall friendliness of the campus


Everyone is welcomed the second they step on campus. The professors that are here are very involved with the students. They are around to help when we need them and they make a point to learn about every student they have. Then they will randomly say hi around campus.