Crowder College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Crowder College know before they start?


Sometimes in life uncertainty can rule our heads and lead you astray. Panic can set in and make you think you can’t do things, but that’s not true. You’ve proven it’s not true. Believing in yourself is something that no one can teach you or make you do; it’s something you have to teach yourself. You’ve had a series of oppressors that make you believe you’re not capable, but your worst critic has been you. Fight it everyday and don’t let anyone stop you. Run until you’re on all fours and your knees bleed, until you wake up and you’re proud of everything you have accomplished. Go to sleep, wake up and do it all over again; don’t ever stop.


Dont rush into college. It is very exciting to get enrolled and to feel the experiance of college but it is also very easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. Never lose you tenacity and your drive even when things start to feel like too much. With a level head, a clear state of mind you can achieve any goal you wish. On top of that you shouldnt be afriad to push yourself to work harder or to ask for help because you will never be discriminated. The teachers are supposed to be there for you and provide you with any information that you need, and the students that are tutors are tutors because they want to help you succeed not because they want to make you feel infurior. Lastly believe in yourself, weather you believe you can or cant do something your right.


I would tell myself not to be in such a rush to get into college, but to take the time to look at my options. See what the best education and major is for me. Had I of done this the first time I went to college I would have done better.


David, do not sweat it. College is really not hard and u have all the time to figure out your major. Just be prepared to study more than what you do in high school. Just make your you spend your time wisely and remember there is always time for hanging out right after u do your homework. Try not to procrastinate. I am sure you can get a part-time job on your first semester. Math classes might be your weakness but there are tutors that are willing to help. Dont worry about the number of students in a room, because it is just like high school, a small, perfect size. The students here are real respectfull to one another. Make sure you sleep at a responsible time so you can get up for breakfast, after all breakfast is the most important meal one can have. So yeah, homework is not that hard and make sure u keep searching for scholarships because you never know when you will recieve one.


Returning to the college life after 20 years out of school if very difficult, raising kids, working and maintaining a home all at the sametime is almost impossible. Get as many college credits done as soon as you can before you life snowballs out of control and there is no going back. Just do it while you are young.


If I could go back in time and tell high school senior self what life at Crowder College be like, then I would tell myself how much time their is to study and manage to have good grades. For example I start at school at 8am and finish at 12pm. After that time, I have an abundance of time to study and still have some fun. High School did not give you that kind of option. I find college easier and better. The more you study in college the better result of grade you will see. In High School there isnt much time to study because if you need money you will have to work and you may also have extra curriculluar activities which takes your time. At Crowder I can schedule my classes and still have a comfortable time to hang out with friends, work, and study. At High School, I felt more pressured because I had to get on time to school, do all my school work, work, extra curricullar activities, and did not have to option to leave early in a class. Those would be some the things I would tell my High School Senior self.


If I could go back and talk to myself over ten years ago, I would tell myself not to put it off! I would try to convince my stuborn self to go to college, to live on campus, make life long relationships while investing in a future. A future that will not only benifit me but benifit those who I care about. Yes, it is true that it is never too late to go back to school but the experience is different. Although, my children think it is cool that we both have homework, being a mother and going to school is not easy. Life must be balance and some oppurtunities are lost.


First I would never allow another person to deter my plans of education. Once you have prayed about the direction the Lord has you going in, then stick with it. He will see you through. Take your education serious and do not waste your time in frivolous arenas. Be extremely careful of taking out student loans, as they are a trap. You will have to pay them back once your education is completed, or even if you do not complete it. Have fun in what you are pursuing and do some of your own research in the field you are pursuing.


I would tell them that once you've made up your mind of what degree you want to go into, don't waste your time taking classes that do not fall into your degree. Also, it is better that before you enrolled into your classes, go talk to an advisor and preplan all of your classes that you may potentially take throughout your college years to achieve the degree you want because certain classes may require a prerequisite and others don't. College life allows you to have more freedom but you also have to take the responsibility of knowing what you need to do to succeed in all of your classes. No one will tell you that you have to go to class or make up a test or quiz because you are an adult now and you can make that decision for yourself. Be sure to attend class everyday or make sure you know what you missed and make it up if you really have to miss a class period for important reasons. Lastly, always ask the instructors questions because you'll have a better communication relationship with your instructors.