Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very kind and eager to help you out with things you don't understand.


Competitive. This industry is very competive and everyone wants to be the best chef/pastry chef.


My classmates are all different ages and different races, so its pretty cool to get to know people of all different ages and races and their cultures and their lives, also how they go about preparing for the day. Since i have been in school i have made so many new friends that will last forever


Classmates are different here. I have only 21 people in my actuall class, but there are four other groups of the same size that started at the same time. Everyone is very nice, including the chefs.


My classmates range in age and culture, and I have learned so mcuh from them in all aspects of life from encountering different cultures to different personalities.


In the culinary setting most of the students are very passionate about what we do. We love food, it is in our blood. As far as advice would go, I feel that this college is very fast paced and deserves all of the respect and dedication you can offer. It is a intense school, and those who are not truly passionate about food are easily weeded out.


my classmates vary in age from 18 to 26 but all of them are very knowledgeable and wanting to learn.


i would describe my classmates as very helpful.


My classmates are driven, passionate, creative, unique and generally friendly.


We are a very diverse campus, representing over 48 different countries and all 50 states. It is great that we are able to interact with people from such different backgrouds. It really helps us to grow as adults. We are all so enthuastic about being here. You just get a sense of belonging as soon as you step onto the campus.


My classmates are from a bunch of different backgrounds, nationalities, and have different personalities, but we all work together great.


For the most part they are interested in culinary arts, but don't show a great passion


Many of the classmates that I have met on campus are determined, artistic, excited to be here, friendly and encouraging.


The students that attend the Culinary Institute of America are extremely motivated and focused on their education due to the strict and fast paced cericulum that the school offers.


My Classmates are true food lovers, amicable, welcoming, co-operative and mentally versatile by nature and definately the great Chefs of tomorrow.


The students at the Culinary Intitute of America are very commited to their dreams and goals that they have set for themselves.


My classmates are all very different in their own way.


A diverse group of bright and promising individuals, dedicated to the furthering their knowledge and passion for the industry, and creating the next innovations in the world of culinary arts.


The inventive and energetic chefs of the future who will lead the next generations of the foodservice industry.


Half are very driven and the other half are not.


Very future and goal oriented. Everyone has a career focus, everyone wants to be the best.


They are a unique breed.


Cocky, motivated, not highly intelligent.


My classmates are very dedicated to their fields of choice and work extremely hard in all that they do.


My classmates, are some of the most amazing people you will ever meet, over the past year they ahve turned from friends to family.


They are devoted girls who thrive on competeton and getting somewhere in life, even if that means squashing others in the past to suceed.


My classmates are very determined to be the best.