Culinary Institute of America Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school would be those who are head strong, and serious about there career and academics.


The school demands highly from the students to perform well academically and in all practical classes. To survive the program, students need to have passion in the field of culinary arts and be able to do well in analytical subjects like maths and accounting. They will be in a more competitive standing if they have some experience working in the kitchen and restaurant environement as most of the courses involve food preparation and how to control its quality and cost.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that is passionate about culinary or baking. This school is a culinary and baking school which you graduate with an AOS. You can then continue on to BPS in business management or culinary science. You will not like this school very much unless you really have a passion for food and the presentation of which the food is served. You should also be good with the public since there are always tours going on and you work with the public at the resturants on campus.


a person who didicates them selves to culinary arts


Someone who is driven. Not afraid of a rigorous program, and is passionate about food. A person who has the same core values as the school; respect for diversity, excellence, leadership, professionalism, and ethics. Someone who is serious about being the best.


You must be highly determined and extremely passionate. The more experience a person has, the more they will benefit from attending the Culinary Institute of America.


At the Culinary Institute of America, a student needs to have passion and drive. An excellent education is provided and it is up to the student to take full advantage and get the most out of it. A good, strong work ethic is essential for success at the CIA and also in the food industry. One must be willing to pay close attention to detail while also keeping the big picture in mind. Patience should be coupled with a sense of urgency in the kitchen and those two traits should be utilized to work efficiently.


I think the type pf person that would exceed at this school would be: students who strive their hardest to accomplish their dreams, have a passion about food and have a strong personality that can handle the Chef's in the kitchen.


Anyone with a real passion for learning about culinary or baking and pastry arts should attend CIA. If cooking or baking is your true calling, then CIA is a perfect fit. It is extremely rare to be able to study under some of the best chefs in the world and at CIA you do so everyday.


A person who is dead set on becoming a chef. we are the worlds premier culinary college, meaning we are the best of the best. if you are serious about becoming a chef, pastry chef, or any hospitality professional, attend the CIA


A person who truly enjoys cooking and the stress of the kitchen should attend the Culinary Insitute of America. The hours are long and very tiring but very worth it.


Some with thick skin who can cristicism and loves the food industry. Only a hard worker can survive and truly get the most out of the school.


Before attending the CIA, it would be prudent to really think about what you want to do in life. If you ar committed to the food service industry then CIA will give you the knowledge, skills , and contacts to succeed in the industry. You have to be proactive and willing to learn from the best in the industry. You also have to realize that there is more to cooking than the practical skills, you also need to learn to be professionals in the industry and learn quite a bit of theory and foundation.

Margot Greenwald

People who are friendly, outgoing, and learn best by doing things hands on and interactively.


The people who attend this school need to be dedicated to the field. The culinary world is very time consuming and stressful so you really have to want to put in the effort. Since the field is so stressful you need to make sure you find time for yourself. You need to be prepared for class and make sure all of your work gets done but find time to relax or you will become overwhelmed.


The type of person who should attend this school should have a very good work ethic and not be afraid of long hours and sleepless nights. it will not be easy, and at times you will wonder why you are doing it, but in the end, it will all be worth while. You should be a person who enjoys a challenge, and does not mind being under a degree of pressure, because pressure will be put upon you.


A student that is interested in an education from this school should be hard working and self motivated. The student must have a strong desire to be in the culinary industry and love to cook. The student is required to have 6 months of experience working in a restaurant kitchen cooking, thus maintaining the professionalism and devotion needed to achieve the best education that the Culinary Institute of America has to offer.


You should attend this school if you are positive you want a job in the food industry; don't some expecting to slide through because you need to be at the top of your game in order to survive here.


Anyone with a love or passion with food. If you have a joy for cooking, eating, or writing about your food experiences, then this is your school.


A person who has a strong passion for culinary or baking. You should work in the industry to get used to the hardships.


The Type of Person that should attend this school is the kind of person that is not afraid of hard work and getting there hands drity. They should have an open mind and know what they want aout of life by coming here. You have to want to do this kind of thing for the rest of your life because cooking is a way to let people know that you love what you do. You should be happy with your self and love food.


Someone whom has had a lot of culinary background history prior to admission.


Anyone interested in working in the culinary world. You must be hard working and responsible. You must also have a passion for the field.


The type of person that should attend The Culinary Institute of America should know what the industry intails. It is a very vigirous program and only those who really understand and know that they want to be in the food service industry should attend. It is the best program in the country and students learn from amazing chef instructors. The person should be dedicated, hard working, lover of food and they must have a willingness to learn.


This school is for students who are sure about where they want to go in life. You must have a passion and drive to go into cooking. To become a chef you must have found a true love! Every student here is united by this drive, providing a great pride for what we do everyday. A person who goes here must be able to go to class at three in the morning with not a chip on their shoulder but a smile on their face.


extremely dedicated in hospitality industry, hard working


someone who is very passionate about the Culinary arts, not in it for the money, because there is none, but beacuse you love cooking.


A intelligent and motivated individuals. A person that has the passion for food. A true team player in the Culinary world. Must show total interest in the Culinary Arts field. A Master Chef and owning your own business. To attend the Culinary Institute Of America you must love the business and must have the ability the strength and stamina to love the kitchen to another level. If one is interested in the Culinary field and have a long term goal the Culinary Institute Of America is the school with the best of the best.


The kind of people that should attend this school are those that are passionate about food and open to learning so many new and different things. There are so many new opportunites here at CIA and everyone has to have the interest to explore them all in order to become the best that they can be.


I think people that are passionate about cooking and innovative approach to making the food industry more competitive.


The ideal student at The CIA is professional, commited, and one who truly enjoys the culinary arts. At this school you only will get back what you put in, and if you are not truly commited to your personal success here, you will be strongly dissatisfied with your education here.


Very diverse


A person to atten this school should know that this is really what they want to do. CIA isnt a joke, and you cant come here with a party attitude or you will get held back. A person that wants to learn the foundation in the culinary/pastry field, and wants to be a leader in the industry.