CUNY Kingsborough Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The tuition


The school is right near Manhatten Beach, so I always tell them it's a grogeous view of seeing the sunset, or just a awesome relaxing place to study. The Starbucks inside is great, for those in between class coffee runs.


What I brag about the most when I tell my friends about Kingsborough Community College is regarding the programs they provide and especially about ASAP, which means Accelerated Studies in Associate Programs, Kingsbrough has this program in which they provide a advisor for you and a book voucher along with a free metro card and they will make sure you graduate on time within two-years and also the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.


When I talk to my friends about Kingsborough Community College, I tell them that the adminstration at the school is the best I seen during my college experience. Compared to the previous school I went to, they are more organized and really tries to help the student with their problems.


How the professor's are very helpful and willing to help you learn. The Learning environment is great. The Teacher's priority are the students.


The great professors that I have during the semester, more so about how their knowledge is helping me become a better, more sophisticated person. I tell my friends of the great interest my teachers have taken in me. They see a potential in me that I sometimes, forget I posses. Though it may seem as though I am bragging, I am only actually trying to reaffirm my self-esteem, and self- efficacy.