Davidson College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


As of right now, Davidson County Community College is best known for their volleyball team. However, as far as acedemics, I would have to say that the school is best known for the Zoo and Aquarium Science program; one of six community colleges to offer the program in the United States. The school recently had over a hundred acres of land donated and the Zoo and Aquarium Science programm will be enlarged on that land.


There are two things you need to know about Davidson: one, it's the hardest-working school in the country (ranked number one most years for "students never stop learning" or "workaholics"), and two, it has the highest consumption of hard liquor per capita of any school in the country--students work incessantly and then when they finally take a break they party hard enough to put Duke and Chapel Hill to shame.


Academic Excellence above all - the Professors are fantastic and the classes are small. Davidson is really good about offering financial aid as well. Most recently Davidson has also done well in basketball.


Davidson College is best known for its challenging academics and close-knit community.


Graduates that are extremely well educated and well rounded. This college sends the majority of their undergraduates to some of the best graduate schools in the world. This college prides itself in educating the whole person to accomplish anything in life that their graduates decide to do.