Davidson College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Davidson is probably the emphasis on alcohol -- it's tough to hang out on the weekends without feeling the need to drink large amounts of cheap, water-y beer. The social life is kind of what you make of it; if you create your own fun, the social life is great. If you're hoping to rely on school-sponsored/local events, the social life is noticeably lacking.


Davidson isn't diverse enough. I'm used to being surrounded by people from hundreds of different countries, and I wish Davidson could diversify a bit more.


Diversity amongst faculty/staff.


Sometimes it's hard to get together with friends because people study so much.


Everyone is such an overachiever that it can be overwhelming to just be normal.


Davidson, until very recently, was not a widely known college.


The workload and academic pressure. Although you are learning an incredible because of it, our cumulative GPA is lower than most schools. Students at schools who are similar in reputation work two times less than us and recieve twice as good GPAs. I think there should be a balance. We should have to work hard, but we shold be rewarded better. When I am applying for a job, most employers don't understand this problem.




I wish it were a little more diverse. The faculty and administration have tried the hardest. I just think that not enough students know about this school or they don't think they can get in because it is so competitive.


Students complain a lot about how much work they have. For me the work isnt the worst part, it is how people love to talk about how much they have to do and how stressed they are.


I wish there would be more funding for sports; I play baseball, and there is a lack of scholarships. Even though it is one of the larger sports here, and also a Division I sport, we lack the funding to support a successful team in our conference.


Students are far too concerned about the work and their future, which limits the amount of fun they are really able to have. They work hard (really hard) during the week and play hard during the weekend, instead of being more healthy and balancing things out. Everyone wants to be the perfect student, with a 4.0, a perfect body, tons of friends, and a high-paying job lined up. WAKE UP, DAVIDSON: MONEY/SUCCESS ISN'T EVERYTHING.


Somewhat stifled social life, the fact that the girls are of much better quality than the boys statistically.