Davidson College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person that likes the outdoors and is serious in finding a career. A person who likes to socialize, as well as focus on their academics.


Ready to work hard. Moral, ethical, studious, friendly, compassionate.


driven, hard-working, open-minded, well-rounded


One who is academically vigorous and willing to work for long amounts of time. One who is more prone to study than party. The person should be very outgoing and willing to volunteer and get involved with clubs and groubs. Finally, someone who enjoys a small school environment.


Conservative, academic-oriented, and community-service-oriented individuals looking for a career in medicine or banking. Many who are not sure of their future career goals are also well accepted. Individuals must also be tolerant, accepting, and honorable to do well here.


Very type A people.


Davidson is generally conservative, but not so much that more liberal students would be unhappy there. The social life is mostly on campus. I would caution students used to city life from attending Davidson. Even though it is near Charlotte students rarely take the time to drive down there unless attending a concert or basketball game. You must be scrupulously honest and academically focussed to do well at Davidson.


Davidson is a school for students who are extremely driven, yet recognize the value of an extremely close-knit and caring community.


Someone who wants to be in the library for every second of college. Do not come to Davidson for the typical college experience, they will work you to death. Lots of people transfer and everyone wants to, but they can't because our gpa's are too low to transfer to a comperable school. The school spirit is fake, everyone hates being here. Everyone is depressed, sleep deprived and under a ton of pressure.


Someone who is very academically focused, or would like to be. We have fun at Davidson, but we are there for School first, there is no question about that.


Someone who is perfect for this school went to a small high school, probably private, has great study habits, and grew up in a wealthy white family.


Someone committed to academics and to embracing the small school experience, which includes getting to know the wonderful and engaging professors as well as taking advantage of getting to know one's peers. Davidson is fantastic if you go to class, use the time in office hours and enjoy the variety of options for both physical and mental health, ie, the cross country trails are great and so are the visiting lectures!


I think that someone very academically focused who is confident in themselves would be good at Davidson. The professors are fantastic, so if you like to be challenged and intellectually stimulated by small classes and world class professors, Davidson is perfect for you. If you can make your own fun, Davidson's great. Those who are hardworking and proactive with strong moral fibers and stances would like Davidson.