Denison University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's known for being a community-based college and the being the fair little college on the hill. It is also known for how prestigious it is among the college community.


Were probably best known for the famous and successful people who graduated from Denison. Folks such as Steve Carrel, Jennifer Garner, and Michael Eisner all graduated from Denison. We are also famous for having a sick lacrosse team! Go Big Red!


Our school is best know for the community that you join when you become a Denison student including the students, faculty and even the beautiful campus. You will have a lot of options and will probbaly find your place (or places) within that community.


Academics, Fraternity, Community


Strong, diverse, liberal arts education. Our school also has a very successful record amongst the alumni.


It's best known for being one of the colleges that will change your life. It's in that book "10 colleges that will change your life." In my opinion it really has because of the experiences offered through the people and academics.

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