Denison University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Denison has two amazing things going for it: the convocation series and the Vail Series. While I was there I got to see big name classical performers like YoYo Ma, fantastic colloquia in the psychology department, and interesting speakers such as Jane Elliot. I currently teach at a college about the size of Denison and the thought of something of that magnitude would make our president laugh. Granville is very close to Columbus, which gives access to a fairly decent social scene and a vibrant arts scene. Granville itself is a cute town, but the best thing by far is Brews. Not just for the unbelievable beer selection (I have yet to find any place that comes close) but also for the live music.


Frisbee seems pretty big, the drama people are really involved in their own thing, there are a TON of groups but they aren't very involved. The LGBT group is pretty substantial though, at least they have a lot of posters. No one goes to athletic events, but the teams are pretty close friends and form their own groups. The only real tradition is naked week, and I guess rushing as it's a really big event. Greek life is pretty huge here though. The party nights are Monday, wednesday, friday, and saturday.


bunch of guys playing bluegrass at the Homestead Open House at Denison University: 2 mandolins, 2 guitars, 1 banjo in 20


There are so many activities that students can hardly keep up! So there is definitely something for everyone. Students at Denison can be the typical over-achievers, but they can also be typical social-butterflies, which is unlike many small private schools. The social scene is very fun and not impinged upon by academics if you don't want it to be. There are always events going on on campus; concerts, comedians, lectures, sporting events. It's a very full social calendar with student parties and get-togethers on top of that. If you wanted, you could hang out with people at any time of day except some mornings when everyone is in class. You can be "Greek" or you can just be friends with "Greeks" and go to their parties; it's all very casual and somewhat inclusive.


The most popular activities on campus are Greek life and sports. I am involved with the sorority Pi Beta Phi and it is how I have met some of my best friends at Denison. Greek life makes the community smaller and less intimidating. Many students are also athletes, but since the school is Division 3, athletes can be involved in many other activities. Students are friendly in the dorms and you will often just wonder into someone's room and end up staying for a while, just having a good time. Athletic events are not that popular especially because they school is so small but guest speakers are great. Denison does a great job of getting very interesting people to come speak. The dating scene doesn't involve much dating at Denison, so it should really be called the "hook up scene". If you're ready for random hook ups, then you're ready for a weekend at Denison. Partying happens on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, but they parties are confined to a few options because the school is small and security is strict. Parties are inclusive to all types of students.


There are so many activities on Denison's campus that you never get bored. Anything you can think of Denison probably has it. We have 23 varsity sports (I think) and we have Intramural sports that range anywhere from dodge ball to ultimate Frisbee. The social life on campus is also a lot of fun. Almost everyone in a specific dorm knows everyone and people are always friendly. When my friends and I are in our room we leave our doors open because we welcome the interaction. Attendance at athletic events are not very high, but everyone sport is different and it depends on the season. Friday and Saturday nights are big for the campus because that is when all the parties happen. Even if you don't drink you can go to a party and still have a good time because no one forces anyone to drink or do anything they do not want to do. A lot of the parties are held by sororities and fraternities so you get to meet all kinds of people and have a good time. If you want to be social and go off campus a lot of people go to the village or drive 20 minutes away to Easton, the shopping center.


DISA and ACC are two popular clubs among international students. The BSU is a popular organization was well. I am involved with DISA, ACC, and the BSU. I am most active in DISA since I am the publicity chair for next year and I thoroughly enjoy being part of DISA and all the other organizations I am involved with. I think it depends on the dorm. In dorms like East Hall, I have seen that most students leave their doors open but in dorms like Smith, most students leave their doors closed. I do not think that theater plays and athletic events are as popular as they could be. Different guest speakers are quite popular though for people who have those areas of interest. I think I met a lot of my close friends through people I got to know during international student pre-orientation. If I am awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am either doing my work or trying to get my own space. DISA Formal, DISA talent show, Homecoming, Lunar New Year are some of the events that happen every year. Denison is a very party place and I think that a lot of students party throughout the week. I am personally not interested in joining a sorority but I think for a lot of students at college fraternities and sororities are important. Saturday nights can be spent watching movies, or even partying and having fun without drinking. I usually go to Easton when I want to be off campus either for some shopping or dinner.


I'm part of Women's Varsity Golf and a group called Companions, which is where we get together once a week with middle school students just to hang. They are pretty relaxed and love to see new faces. I don't really know the dating scene for I'm still in a relationship with a guy from home. However, most people meet at parties during any time of the week.


Greek life on campus is pretty muted. About 20 years ago the fraternaties and sororities were caught doing some pretty sketchy things (hazing and such) that they were shut down altogether for about 5 years. Greek housing is still non-residential. Denison has a great track record for inviting guest speakers. Just last year I saw a prominant (as in top of his field) palientologist, a past president of South Africa, Yoyo Ma, and many others that came to speak for Denison. Being a cello player, I just about died when I found out that Yoyo Ma was to make his FIFTH visit to Denison this year. It rocked. On the social side, Denison is a small campus and the town it is in is also unless you have a car and can drive to Columbus, most students hang around during the week and party on campus. Oddly enough, the most popular party day is Wednesday, because so few people have classes on Thursdays. Denison's drinking pollicy may seem a bit leniant, but it has probably saved countless people from alcohol poisoning. If you feel like either you or a friend has had too much to drink (reguardless of age) you can go to the campus health center without penalty. You can even get a security car to drive you there.


A lot of the meeting of new people happens when you join clubs or organizations. Also getting involved in athletics...and the dining hall is a great place to meet people. Most people seemed to leave their doors open but I don't leave mine open. There is always a party but there is also school...which is more important.


Fraternities are very big in the social scene. Security guards can be overbearing somtimes. Become friends with them and you will get breaks. Your social life will depend on your friends. If you want to drink every day starting at noon, then choose your friends accordingly. If you want to go to the many guest speakers and intellectual offerings at the school, then choose your friends based on that.


There are some activities at Denison if you want to be in clubs or whatever. Most of my friends prefer to do their own thing. I participated in Greek life, but many of the frats are preppy fuckers (though I still like most of them). There was one heady frat that was mad cool, but Denison took their frat house because they needed a new art building (again - the Administration sucks scrotum). But, like I said, we make our own fun - frisbee on the quad, drinking games, playing music, tripping...


Many organizations to become involved in. It's up to the individual to decide what is most interesting and pursue dreams and desires. Parties are there if they are desired, very prevalent in the Greek system, but there are plenty of students who prefer not to party and find other enjoyable activities to engage in, like playing cards, movies, visiting Columbus, and much more.


We get drunk every weekend.


Sports teams and greek life are the most popular groups on campus though others do exist. I am involved with Lacrosse and Phi Delta theta and both of these correlate because many people from the team are in the fraternity. We have a very good time partying. A few of my friends do Hilltoppers singing group which is actually a lot of fun to see. The dating scene is good as many come into college and go a little crazy with random people but you can get a bad rep like that and eventually people settle down. People primarily party Friday Saturday and Wednesday and often on Monday though on a smaller scale.


Students in dorms leave their doors open a lot, especially at the beginning of the year. As the year goes on people feel more comfortable knocking on your door so you don't feel the need to leave it open as much. I would say that speakers and other events are very well attended. One of my favorite ways to break up my studying is to go to different speakers or events and learn something new. I met my closest friends through my dorm and through Alpha Chi Omega. I do not drink so there is a lot I can do on a Saturday night that does not involve drinking. I usually hang out with friends and chat or watch a movie. A couple times this year I went to the huge mall about 40 minutes away with friends to have dinner, see a movie, and do a little shopping. I love being on campus but sometimes it is nice to leave it for a little while.


Popular activities: -Convocations/Guest speakers -Discussion/awareness forums -Concerts on campus (student and professional) -Theatre productions -Parties -Naked Week


People go out Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, not all of these of course. There is only one bar, and you only go if you're over twenty-one. Other than that we have parties in apartments and bar parties thrown by groups. A lot of people are in sororities/fraternities but it doesn't make or break you. Everyone is involved in something, there are always great speakers, events, concerts...because we're in the middle of Ohio, the school brings a lot of stuff to us.


I lock my room door, but I know people who do not. Nobody i know has had any experience with theft. There is always someone awake in the dorm, studying in the lounge or cooking in the kitchen, doing something. The party scene is not the best, because we are a small school. All parties are the same, and cliques tend to stick together and make their own fun, rather than throw all-out bashes.


The football team is not very good, so the games are not very well attended. However, the lacrosse team is good and attracts a larger crowd. There are so many extracurricular activities that I can't imagine someone being dissatisfied with the options. The community service groups do things from helping out at the humane society, to tutoring middle school kids, to doing ABA therapy with Autistic children. Although parties are really big at Denison, the school holds a lot of activities on the weekend for kids who aren't into partying. Parties at Denison start earlier than at most schools because weekend quiet hours start at 1am. Because the parties are held in dorm rooms, they're smaller and more crowded. Monday, Wednesday, and the weekends are the most popular nights to party.


Like I said before, Greek life is very big on campus. I am in a sorority, and I like it because not only have I found a group of girls that I can get along with and have things in common with, I feel like I can spend as much time or as little time with them as I want. Since none of the sororities or fraternities actually live in their houses like they do on many other college campuses, Greek life does not have to be all that you do and all that you're involved in. Many of my sisters are on sports teams or have on-campus jobs or are involved in other organizations and to me that is refreshing. It is also very good to get involved in other clubs and organizations on Denison's campus, and we have over 150. Clubs and organizations are a good way to meet people, although I feel like meeting people at Denison isn't very hard. Since students live in the dorms for four years, you pretty much get to know most of the people in your class at least. It's also easy to meet people in your classes, since they are so small and there such a high premium on participating in discussion with one another. The dating scene can be kind of tricky, since the school is so small and a lot of people know one another's business and who's hooking up with whom. Its not impossible though, and I've seen a lot of strong romantic relationships develop at Denison. Denison is kind of a party school, and I know that's what you've all been waiting for! Big nights for partying are Wednesday night, Friday and Saturday nights, and sometimes even Monday nights. Most of the partying takes place in the dorms on East quad (where a lot of the residents are over 21) or on North quad in the senior apartments. There are a few houses owned by the university where students live and throw parties, and on those nights the whole school seems to find their way down to these get-togethers. If you want to have a sober Saturday night, a lot of students go to Easton Shopping Center, which is about 25 minutes away. Easton is really popular, and its a really good place to take a date. Easton has tons of stores and restaurants, and its one of those really cute outdoor malls with twinkle lights illuminating everything. There is also a movie theater there, and a good night out is going to Easton for dinner and then seeing a movie. Denison is also right outside the towns of Newark and Heath, which are no Easton but are really convenient. There is a Target, Wal-mart, Chipotle, Michael's, Best-Buy, Olive Garden, Office Max, Giant Eagle, liquor stores, a mall with a movie theater, etc. Basically whatever you want. And if you're really feeling adventurous you can head into Columbus or visit some friends at Ohio State, only about 35 minutes away.


It's what you make of it. There is always something to do if you're interested. Between the Denison Lecture Series, the Beck Lecture Series, the academic departments, and student organizations, there are EXCELLENT guest lecturers on a weekly basis. Lots of musical and thatrical performances, too. A lot of people who complain that there is nothing to do at Denison or who complain about Granville not really being a college town don't attend these things. Go to these events and you won't be bored.


People party. I don't. There's tons of concerts, lectures, special events, and just quirky people floating around-- even without alcohol, it's almost always choosing which activity we'll do, not what we can do. As far as dating, it's really not a relationship school - there are exceptions all over the place, but most of us are thinking about grad school or are on a career track, and with the rigor of academics, it's not a top priority.


Greek life is the most popular social outlet/extracurricular activity. I am a Tridelt and I love it, but at times I feel distant from other Greek groups on campus. As far as leaving my dorm room door open, about eight people that don't technically live in my room sleep in there, (or at least hang out in there) on rotation, so my door is always unlocked. The dating scene consists of meeting drunkenly, wandering back to someone's room to hook up, and then avoiding each other the next morning in the dining hall. Obviously, this isn't how it goes with every couple, as many people are in actual relationships, but it seems that it is quite common to just find a drunk hookup. I met my closest friends through living on West Quad freshman year and through my sorority. I am always awake at 2am on Tuesdays, and it's usually because there is a slew of people crashing aorund in my room with me, watching tv, ordering pizza, going outside to smoke cigarettes, and just generally hanging out. Peope are out partying every day of the week, but I would say that I go out around 2 or 3 times a week. Greek life is very important- about 40% of students are involved, and we pretty much rule the social sphere. Last weekend, I went to a few parties and hung out with my friends. There is almost nothing to do on a Saturday night that doesn't involve drinking, because there is no where to go off campus that isn't 65 years away. Easton is pretty far, and so is downtown Columbus, but I suppose if you're willing to make the journey, you might find something to do other than drinking.


Students in dorms often leave their doors open, though my floor of all girls didn't this past year. Athletic events aren't very popular... even football... Guest speakers and theater events usually get a pretty good turn out, though it depends on the speaker... People party a lot... weekends obviously, but Wednesday night is also a popular party night, because a lot of students have easy thursdays. On Saturday night, if you don't want to drink, you'll probably want to leave campus with friends, and go to Columbus, unless you just sit around in a dorm room and watch a movie or something. There isn't much to do on campus on the weekends besides party, but there are sometimes plays or concerts students can go to if they want. Frats/sororities aren't that big at Denison, and people in them almost always have friends that aren't in them.


I lived in Morrow House my freshman year, and it's an old frat house. Therefore, only 35 students lived in it, and by the end of the first month, we all knew each other. I always left my door open if I was in my room, and most other people did as well. We shared movies and lent things to each other all the time. I could leave my computer in the common room over night and not worry about it disappearing. Morrow was a dorm of trusting and trust-worthy people. I don't know that this happens every year because obviously I've only ever lived there once. I've never lived in the bigger dorms (some hold over 200 students) so I don't know the policies in them, but I would assume they aren't anywhere near as close as my Morrow dorm-mates were. We went everywhere together. It was nothing to see 15 of us eating dinner together or watching a movie together any day of the week. At 2 am on a Tuesday, I was either sleeping (not often), doing homework, or talking with friends in the common room about the deeper things in life. One night, I remember a discussion about "What it is to know." Students at Denison are friendly, they're generally on campus to learn, and they're interested in how life works and the way people think. Any day of the week, you could find a group of students who'd been drinking. I personally don't drink, but I often hung out with people who did. If you lived in the bigger dorms, I think the party scene was more prevalent. On the weekends, there were always parties, and since most people know each other, you were generally able to get into all of them. Fraternities and sororities, though very noticeable on campus, didn't really serve as anything more than a social scene. There are no inter-frat feuds or inter-sorority feuds that I know of, and I had many friends who were in several different frats/sororities. Those who are in these do no drink more often than those who are not. In fact, there are a few of them who do not drink at all. (Surprising? It was to me). Often times in Morrow, I'd hang out and watch movies on weekends or read books. I also went to parties with friends who drink and I danced and simply turned down the alcohol. Often Denison hosts speakers or bands, and they'll throw their own parties that do not provide alcohol. There are movies hosted by cinema, and many many many other events. Each week, you get an email telling you what events will be on campus, and you can plan your week around them. If you're not interested in the activities on campus, Columbus is a half hour drive, and I know a lot of students who would go there on the weekends. It all depends on what you're interested in.


Greek life is pretty big but it's not the only social life on campus. If you get involved you will be fine. The swim team is known for being the best team on campus. Both the men's and the women's teams finished top three in the nation this year. In addition, we are known for being a very close group of friends that like hanging out together. We were also voted by the student body, the best looking team on campus. The dating scene consists of Denison students dating other Denison student. I heard that 80% of students marry other Denison students. Party nights at Denison include Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.


When I first arrived at Denison I noticed that there were a lot of parties on the weekend and people drinking a lot. But, as a non-drinker, I found that the parties were just as fun without using alcohol AND you didn't even have to go to the parties to have fun. Every weekend, and pretty much every night, there is some sort of event going on that is sponsored by Denison. Whether it is a speaker or athletic event on a weeknight, a band, a movie screening, or a play on the weekend, there is ALWAYS something to keep people occupied without having to get drunk. One thing that I would recommend to EVERY SINGLE FRESHMEN is to apply for one of the pre-orientation programs that is offered in the fall before the regular freshmen orientation. I participated in the Outdoor Orientation and met my closest friends through that program. It allowed me to get to know a group of people really well before the rest of the students get to campus. Fraternities and sororities make up an increasing population on campus, but it is still only about 30%. Although, as a recently joined member of a Greek organization, I have learned that Denison's sororities and fraternities are very different from other colleges because they are much more focused on the leadership and philanthropy than the partying and drinking. This does not mean they do not have fun, but when compared to other schools they are much more respectable.


Denison does a wonderful job of organizing activities and events on campus. We are constantly having comedians, concerts, movies, plays and other social activities. We have several large concerts throughout the year and several campus wide events. There are trips to chicago, washinton d.c and philadelphia, sports games and broadway shows. Depending on where you live on campus, the social scene is more prominent. In some resident halls you'll find doors open until late at night and in other dorms doors will be closed an locked. People tend to stay up late during the week doing homework. It's not unusual to be up until 2 every night or pulling all nighters even in the middle of the semester. With so much to do on campus it is easy to procrastinate.


The best times i had were in my dorm. I lived in house of 35 people and left my door open all the time. There were TONS of speakers and other activities. In one evening I saw John Ashcroft speak than went to a drag show in the same building two hours later. Some people party on Mondays, Wednesdays and that weekend but most stick to the weekend. Those who didnt party never felt left out.


The radio station rocks! WDUB is a free format radio station that was ranked as a top 20 college radio station by Princeton Review 08. They have a live stream that goes all around the world via and broadcast 24-hours a day, seven days a week. They also broadcast locally on 91.1 FM and many people in surrounding cities listen. Fraternities and sororities dominate the social scene even though Fraternities don't even get to live in their houses. People part really hard at Denison. The school cracks down on petty things like alcohol and marijuana, and as a result students turn to cocaine and other harder drugs. There is a huge cocaine problem at Denison.


a lot of people play sports, but attending athletic events isn't that popular, except for lacrosse. guest speakers are popular. people don't leave doors open in dorms. there isn't much of a dating scene, mostly just "hooking up". sororities are very popular, frats less so. most people party on weekends, some on mondays and wednesdays. not much to do on weekends if you don't drink. off campus, most people go to easton or columbus.


Organisations are numerous and it seems all polular: esp. Black Student Union, Outlook (GLBT), Students in dorms do leave their doors open. Lots of interraction. Athletic events, on the scale of 1(least)-10(most) are 7 "popular" --mostly for the athletes competing in them. But end of semester/year games are pretty popular. Guest speakers--a lot of them. We had John Ashcroft like 2 weeks ago. Dating--Lots of it--within college. (I'm not dating in college) Closest friends--swim team. Same floor dorm. Ok, I dont think I'm ussually awake at 2 am on Tuesday. Im asleep, cuz I have 6am swim practice. Peeople party every Friday, and Saturday night!! Sororities are pretty pop. (I'm not in one--too many girls) People do them so thaey have groups they belong to. Last weekend I went out, then saw a movie, talked with friends. Sat night, drive to a city, see a movie. Get together with people, watch a movie, go out to dinner. Do HW. Sleep. Off campus, I shop, go out to eat. Drive to meets in other colleges. Walk to CVS.


I have been involved with Big Brother Big Sister, and two different varsity sports, as well as a departmental organization, I've enjoyed these organizations, Some students leave their doors open, but they should not-and many women quickly learn to lock their doors due to the high sexual assault here, women WILL report incidents, but the rapists get to stay (due to the rapists financial position), so quickly you learn that the campus looks pretty, but it certainly isn't welcoming for most, because there is so little to do at Denison there is little dating-mostly just drunken hookups, If i am awake at a 2am on Tuesday its because i'm either doing work for class or because I was awakened by drunk frat boys who can piss away their years here because they'll get a job with their family name, People party at Denison by either going to the one bar in town or jamming themselves in a crowed dorm room (since everyone has to live on campus ALL four years) and drink and attempt to dance (aka mostly just white boys dry humping drunk girls), Frats and sororities are extremely important at Denison, they promote social elitism among other careless activities, Besides drinking on a saturday you could watch a movie in your room, do homework or maybe vent to friends about how much it sucks, off campus you could go into the lovely town of Newark and get fast food-but that is only if you're lucky enough to have a car, otherwise you're stuck at Denison


Sports and Greek life are popular, arts and music much less so. Best advice: GET INVOLVED. Seriously. Choose groups in which you have a sincere interest, and you'll likely discover people you really, really, really enjoy. I joined rugby second semester, and it was the best decision of my life. These people are the kind of people I came to college to find: those who share similar interests, goals, and values, but who've got all kinds of different experiences from which I could learn. The only way you can find those friends, those types of people, is if you GET INVOLVED. Dorm atmosphere varies. Some (East Hall, North quad houses) are very open and friendly; residents tend to hang out with each other. Doors are often open. Others (Crawford, Sheperdson, Shorney, Smith) do not keep their doors open. Can be noisy, especially on the weekends. Some dorms vary from year to year, depending on who gets put in there (both Curtises, North Quad). Sheperdson will more or less always be the party dorm. School sponsored events are plentiful and usually pretty good. Denison also knows its students very well, meaning that events are normally over by 10, leaving plenty of time to lets its party scene fulfill its duty after the events are over. Weird traditions: Naked Week is pretty fun. Each night, a fairly sizeable mob streaks through a pre-determined place on campus, "dressed" as a theme (formal, beach, etc.). Fun to watch, even more fun (and awkward the day after) to participate.


Greek life and athletics are great ways to get involved at Denison. The athletic students are all really close and know each other pretty well. Also, greek life is a lot of fun with tons of great activities that everyone gets involved in. Denison brings in great speakers. Just this year I saw Ambassador Holbrooke (U.S. Senator and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations), John Ashcroft (Attorney General from 2001-2005), and the former president of South Africa who ended apartheid with Nelson Mendella. There were many other speakers who came to Denison that I didn't get a chance to see but they were all fantastic people. In terms of traditions at Denison. The funniest one has to be Naked Week. I was shocked to find out that for one week in the middle of winter, a group of students run naked throughout the entire campus at night. Through dorms, academic buildings, athletic facilities, ect... I witnessed the event when the group ran through my dorm and let me say, it was something I will never forget.


Students don't leave their dorm doors open. Athletic events are unpopular. There are great guest speaks frequently. There is a strong party scene and binge drinking is very popular. There is strong peer pressure to binge drink. Students can be very disrespectful of others. For example, during finals week someone thought it was funny to pull the fire alarm a total of 6 times that week - 3 of which were on the same night. Students were trying to sleep before the finals the next morning. Girls get very into sororities. It is hard to be friends with people that are greek when you aren't greek. There is little to do on weekends that doesnt involve drinking.


Sororities and fraternities are quite big on this campus. I'm not into such things though so I don't really know much about them. I think that Denison offers a fantastic number of opportunities for students on the weekends and things. One of my favorite weekends every year was Xtreme Weekend when the Student Activities center would fund cool rides and things. Almost every weekend the University would also show cool movies on the big screen. Sometimes, when the weather was nice, the movie screen was sent up outside on the academic quad so that everyone could watch the movie outside. I always enjoyed that. I met my closest friends by living in the same dorm as them freshman year. Almost all of us lived on the same floor and we began just going to dinner in the dining hall and things all together each night which allowed us to grow really close. During Junior and Senior year I have lived with three of those friends in a four man apartment which has allowed us to bond even more.


Well, I play Ultimate Frisbee and am a DJ for our radio station WDUB. I am also in the acapella group the Hilltoppers. There are over a hundred different clubs that a student can join, and mroe are being created with demand, so get ready to be involved. AS for social life, there is always a party or two if you want to join, otherwise, it's not hard to find a chill spot to watch a movie or just hang out with a few friends.


The most popular sports team is the guys lacrosse team, nobody goes to any other sporting events. I am on the club lacrosse team. We were 14 in the NCLL this year i think which is pretty good considering we only have 12 guys show up to games, no coach, and half of the kids are stoned. For the most part, nobody locks their doors unless they deal drugs. Alot of people do go to the guest speakers, most recently John Ashcroft visited but was ridiculed for his controversial stance on waterboarding. The dating scene is closely linked to the party scene, people will date who they drink or do drugs with the most. If people are awake on a Tuesday night at 2am, they are either only half way done their homework or halfway through an 8 ball of coke. Greek life is huge. If you don't join a fraternity or sorority you will never have a social life at Denison. If you dont drink, you dont have a social life either.


Dating happens, but it's difficult because campus is very small and there are not a lot of places to go on dates. Also, rumors travel fast. I would highly recommend that first-years go on one of the orientation programs. I met my best friends there, which I hear is common. I would especially recommend the service orientation! It's so much fun, and it is a moving experience. Lots of students drink on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. (Sometimes more but these are the big party nights). This is probably because they are bored. Denison does try to bring in other things, such as movies, speakers, and concerts, but there's only so much that can be done. If you don't want a loud dorm, try North Quad, or Curtis or Huffman. The Greek houses were shut down for the actually frats and sororities at night, so parties are in upperclassmen dorms and in apartments (on campus).


Since Denison is primarily a residential campus, it's really easy to find a good network of friends. The most popular school activities are... well uh... sports, I guess. I don't really participate. Other than that, everyone just hangs out... most kids don't leave on the weekends, so there's always at least a few parties going on. To be honest, there's not a lot to do other than drink. The parties kind of suck, too... there are no off-campus houses and the fraternities/sororities are non-residential, so everyone always has to cram into a tiny dorm room and grind on each other. It's annoying. I much prefer the parties on larger campuses, or at least on campuses where not everyone lives in a dorm. It is good to be able to make friends so easily, though. Even though a lot of the people at Denison suck balls, it's not to hard to find at least some people you'll like.


All of the groups on campus have their fair share of devotees and none seem overly dominant. This might be because our traditional sports teams are not as strong as our non-traditional teams like swimming and diving. Events such as a recent Yo-Yo-Ma concert are very popular with the students. The dating scene in is okay, there aren't as many choices at a smaller school but there are a fair number of relationships and hook-ups. If you are awake at 2am on Tuesday you are probably doing work, or just hanging out in a friends room, if you are doing something really fun then you are on a trip to Steak and Shake. There are parties on Mondays and Wednesdays but they are tamer than on the weekends when people tend to throw down more. Fraternities and Sororities are just another aspect of social life on campus. On Saturday nights or any night if you don't want to drink Denison does a really good job of bringing fun activities to campus to entertain the students. Off campus there are some good malls in Columbus and people will go out to eat about once a week.


Denison has a lot going on for a small school in the middle of Ohio. SAC, the student activities committee, plays recent movies every Wednesday and Friday night and often gets comedians and bands to play on campus. Parties are also very prevalent - Mondays, Wednesdays, and weekends are the party nights as many students don't have classes on Tuesday or Thursday. Fraternities and sororities exist, yet they aren't the ones who usually throw parties. You can always find somewhere to go or something to do if you're interested.


Occasionally they have good/controversial speakers (like Anne Coulter and John Ashcroft). I did not live on campus so I am not all that up to date on campus life. However there are lots of parties on Wednesday nights because most people do not have class on Thursdays.


there are more than 100 clubs and groups to choose from, in addition to the sports teams. with all of these opportunities, there isn't really one that's most popular. my favorite group i'm involved in is NERD, neuroscience education and research at Denison. we host student lead discussions about modern topics in neuroscience, movie nights, alumni talks, and more. the smaller dorms have more people with their doors open, but it's less common in the big ones. speakers, theater, concerts, and the like are very well attended and are far more popular than athletic events. i met my closest friends from my first year dorm and the clubs i'm a member in. 2 on a Tuesday morning would see me in fellows, the computer lab. d-day, aestavelia, and culture jam are the big concerts that happen every year. monday, wednesday, and of course friday and saturday are the biggest party days, but most people only do it on the weekends. greek life is present, but not the only way to do fun things on campus. comedy shows, concerts, lectures, and more are always fun options to do alcohol-free. there are also plenty of people who stay in doing fun activities like playing games, watching movies, and the like. student activities provides shuttles and reduced price tickets to a lot of events in Columbus, like plays and baseball games. there are also movie theaters, malls, and other traditional activities.


Denison is definitely a party school and that annoys me a lot. I'm not much of a drinker, so there isn't a lot for people like me to do on the weekends. The dating scene is bullshit. There seem to be a few very close couples on campus, but no ones seems to know how they have that relationship. I have never found in my 4 years here someone that I would like to have a relationship with. The boys seem to only be interested in hooking up. If I'm awake at 2 am on a weekday I'm likely finishing up a homework assignment, procrastinating a homework assignment, or watching TV with my roommates. I would say that fraternities and sororities are important, but more so for the people that are in them. There isn't much to do here socially that doesn't involve drinking. To go off campus to do stuff, you have to go to Easton which is a 30 minute drive. It's not that bad, but I'm jealous of students who go to OSU and have the city at their fingertips.

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