Denison University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you want to develop meaningful relationships, while getting a great education this is the school for you.


Denison University is a school for those looking for a small, intimate community. You have to enjoy learning and be a responsible young adult-- small class sizes means your professor will always know if you're absent! But it's a really wonderful feeling to have a personal relationship with professors, to be able to walk into the dining hall at any time and always see someone you know. Denison requires hard work, but it's very worth it.


Someone who is confident in who they are and isn't afraid to dive into organizations they find interesting. Finding your niche is key to your happiness. Staying involved gives you a sense of ownership on campus.


I believe someone who is extremely focused upon succeeding and being a part of a small, hands-on community. They should want a classroom atmosphere that places emphasis upon class discussion and heavy involvement, as well as establishing close relationships with professors. Our school really isn't existential, it is very grounded and fundamentalist. They should also be prepared to be encouraged to take many different types of courses- not just the area of study they want to make a career out of. Additionally, they should also want to get involved outside the classroom.


Anyone who can deal with getting to know everyone. If you like small communities and becoming tight with an isolated group of people then DU is for you. If you like going out on the toen meeting new people every night, then small-town granville/liberal arts colleges in general will not be the place for you.


Anyone who wants a liberal arts education in a very small rural town. Prospective students should also be prepared to encounter lots of drinking and drug use at parties. A vast majority of the student population comes from upper middle class or wealthy families.


Someone who wants to be engaged - academically, socially, in volunteerism, politically, etc.


Confident, and fun. Want to have a good time but also intelligent.


Stereotypically: liberal, fairly affluent. However, anyone that wants a good education accompanied by constant challenges of mainstream mindsets and stereotypes. It is not a school for those that wish to stay in a particular "comfort zone".


Someone who can balance academics with a very busy social life. The kind of people you find at Denison are the people who can do it all (and you always wonder how). They party hard 5 nights a week and yet show up to class neatly groomed with their expensive clothing and perfect hair and makeup with all of their homework done. Everybody on campus is VERY overcommitted. Goo luck finding someone who isn't busy all the time.

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