Denison University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about my school is that Greek life was such a predominate aspect of many students social life. I personally did not join a sorority and often got frustrated at the difficulty I had in making friends. It seemed that the sororities created cliques in the school and it often felt like the 13th grade of high school. Eventually I found a group of friends who were not associated with a sorority or fraternity. However, not being a part of Greek life seemed to be looked down upon by many students in the school.


There is a small number of minority students and most students are reminded of their race on a daily basis in and out of the classroom. There is also a lack in the diversity in the faculty. Race is a big issue at Denison.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of diversity, and how the few ethnic groups will tend to group up with each other. It is disappointing to know that only some people of "different" backgrounds will come to this school, and that 80% is white. It is a hard school, nd it is frustrating to realize tht some people are not willing to try as hard to get to such a good place.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the fact that AP credits do not count towards your major or minor. Unfortunately, most people take AP classes in highschool that they plan on pursuing at college so this is quite a monkey wrench.


The most frustrating thing about Denison would have to be the security guards here. They are extremely obnoxious and sometimes look for ways to screw kids over on purpose.


The most frustrating thing about Denison is simply that students are very closed-minded and set in their ways and unable to really stretch themselves and get motivated in class. There are exceptions to this, but it happens a lot more than the admissions office would like you to know.


Very small; social life often repetitive, boring and superficial. Students are mostly really alike.


stereotypes - rather than taking time to engage with someone, many students make a first judgement based on clothes or attitude, etc.


The administration (not faculty) treats the students poorly. Students are put on probation and even suspended at an alarming rate and for questionable reasons. One on one tutoring is not available for the most difficult subjects, the sciences. There is no off campus living, and you cannot get 'apartment style' living without a 4.0 or being a junior or senior, and even then it is difficult and only with 3 roommates


most of us don't like here cuz the administration doesnt give a shit whether we're happy or not. housing lottery sucks, all dorms are shity, food is disgusting, dining halls close at 8pm on weekdays which is ridiculous for a college. professors give way too much work and lots of it is unnecessary/busy-work. not racially diverse--most black people are from chicago. b/c school is so small, registering for classes can be hard & greeks arent allowed to throw parties in greek houses so the party scene SUCKS. surrounding town has NOTHING--1 bar


While I attended Denison, I was very involved in the Theater Department. Although the faculty and staff were wonderful, we were unfortunately isolated from the rest of campus. This made it difficult to attract other students and faculty. The arts in general suffered from a lack of support, financially and personally. As a liberal arts college, it is important to integrate the differing disciplines, seeing as this type of university is known for its well-rounded attributes. It would have been great to see a better response from the administration in regards to this matter.


How small the campus is. It is hard for a racial minority to feel completely comfortable, due to how small the racial minority community is. Everyone knows everyone and it is very "clicky"


The quality of females at the school


Sometimes you can't escape everyone. It's kind of small and everyone lives in such close quarters that you are really in each other's faces all the time, and the town's so small that it's basically no different from being on campus.

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