Dillard University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would definetly tell myself to stay focus in school and don't listen to what nobody because they will say and do things to discouraged you with anything. Get use to studying, taking test, make friends, and etc. stay true to yourself because people will try to bring you out of your character. Watch who you call your friends because not everybody going to benefit you. Some will start mess and stab you in the back when they see you doing something right. Become close with the professor because they can help you in the long run. Keep your grades up, go to class, stay focus on graduating on time because it is possible to fall behind.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior would have to be "remain yourself, do not be to trustworthy, and remained focused on why you are in school".Coming to college is an experience i can never forget. I would tell my past senior self that college is a taste of entering the adult world dealing with losses and struggles, especially with finance. I would make sure I knew college is serious and that all the money I threw down the drain could help me in the long run. I would tell myself the transtion is a bit tough and how I would sleep with my lamp on for three nights in a row because I was so scared of being on my own in a new place.I would warn my self that i would spend nights crying over a friend who was taken away to soon over gun violece and would never see her on campus again.Ultimately I would tell my senior self "life isnt always good but it isnt bad,it makes you stronger and more prepared, college is merely a transition from adolesence to adult hood.


You are the girl who thought ninth grade was just a breeze and no one will care about your grades this early in the game. This mindest should never be accepted in high school. Each assignment in each grade, including extra credit, matters. Your performance throughout all of your four years counts toward your future scholarships you will need in collge. Slacking off is not an option. Start to study for the ACT as soon as possible, especially the science and english sections. It is imperative that you aim for a 30. The higher the score, the more scholarship money you will receive. It will be the hardest test during your high school. The ACT takes patience and concentration. Do not take it for granted. Lastly, start to develop good time management. There will be days in college when an event is going on but you have a lot of work to do. You have to distinguish the fun from the fundamentals. Ofcourse you will have fun but do not get sucked into peer pressure. In high school, you have your parents. In college, you are your own woman. Remember to keep your integrity and always remain humble in life.


If I can go back in time I would advice myself to work harder, research more about college, study more. Instead of leaving school with early release, stay in school, talk with tutors for more help in my weak areas instead of just pushing them to the side. Any time when i needed help with something I would be afraid to ask questions because of what I thought others would think of me. If I can go back I would say to myself the worry about others, ask as many questions as you need to have a better understanding of things, because you won't get know where by just pretending you know.


College is the best time of your life that you will have. It might seem scary at first, to be on your own and taking care of yourself, but no matter what, it is worth it. You grow so much as a person and you learn so much about life. You met amazing people that will be your friends even after college. All of this may seem great but one of the key aspects of enjoying college, you have to want it. You have to be the one to open yourself up to many opportunities in front of you. In order to make the most of your college experience and to meet people, you have to try and socialize. As far as classes, working hard will get you far. Classes aren’t hard but they aren’t the easiest too. The classes you take are going to prepare you for your future. So all in all, enjoy college, make friends and grow as person.


After completing my first year of college the first advice I would give myself as a high school is that college is fun. The adjustment at first is difficult but it soon becomes a part of everyday life. You may or may not develop close friendships with your roommate, but communication and compromise can build a smoother transition. Adjusting to being away from family and friends can be daunting but you have to stay focus on why you are in thre. College is going to bring unique opportunities for example, students from various backgrounds and cultures and countries. Lear to manage basic tasks such as eating, sleeping,, and going to class. Addressing more complex responsibilities such as balancing studying and socializing, participating in clubs and activities, and handling finances. Time management is a demand that allnew students wilhave to master. A typical day in college is less structured than high school, and there is more reading and studying that is required outside of class. . Another thing is to be patient; while campus may seem new and overwhelming for freshmen’s, it becomes more familiar with time. Use as many resources available to assist you when are navigating your new surroundings.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself about college as a high school senior what I would tell myself is to achieve all that I want out of life. Go to college to get a better education so that I can support my family and be a good role model for my future children. No one in my family considered going to college so why don't I start the trend and maybe I can be a role model for my little brother so that maybe he will want to go to college and achieve what he wants to be. I want to start my own security business and in order to do that I need a college education because a high school diploma is not going to take me far in life. So why not start right after high school and be the best that I can be.


Devin Smith Dillard University Scholarship Essay I have learned a whole lot of important information about college and about life since leaving high school. If I was back in high school. I would encourage me to stop playing around and increase my grade point average. I would also remind myself to research colleges and universities so that I would know what the requirements are for me to enroll. If I can put myself back in a position as a senior in high school I would say, “Man oh Man” look at me now. I am at the end and about to cross the finish line. College is a loveable learning training ground for leadership. If I could go back in time to think about everything I did in high school, I would have taken work seriously than I did. I enjoy being who I am on campus, the average college student who is a leader trying to better himself. There are the good and the bad in college. This goes for every college student, and by saying that, the good is making the right grades in college. The bad is not having the money to afford college.


I would say," Cindy, you need to take your education more seriously!" I had no idea what I wanted to be after high school so I didn't put any though into it. I would have gone to the college night's at school and talked to my counselor more. You meet many interesting people in college and learn how to handle the struggles along the way. I have two children, 19 and 13, and I am stressing to them both that having a college degree is extremely important. I could not get a good job until I graduated college as a Medical Assistant. It took me 15 years after I graduated high school to do that. Now I started going back to school to get a bachelors in business, becuase I want more out of life. My daughter struggled with her first year at a community college and now has started at an Art school. I'm telling her like I should have told myself, "Make the most out of your life, because it goes by so fast and take your education seriously. Without your education it will be hard to live your life the way you want to."


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would tell myself to stop percrastinating and pay attention in class. I would aslo tell myself to go to class prepared, to read the material ahead of time, and to be more studious and less lazy. To stop worrying about not having a boyfriend and get my perspectives in order. I would tell myself that college is not going to be easy and that no one will hold your hand and guide you through each day. That you need to be more self sufficient and get a job, because college is not cheap, especially those books! I would tell myself not to be afriad and to go for it. Work towards the dream that you have and not to fall into a slump when things go wrong. To enjoy campus life and be mindfull of who you are and not to let anyone put you down!


If I could go back in time and give advice to myself as a high senior, I would tell myself to stay focus, work hard, and don't get distracted.


Dear Erica, right now it is hard for you to see past all this pain but many great things lie ahead. I understand that the girls in the group home pick on you and you feel alone in this cruel world, but that will change. Erica, you dont see how much school will help you succeed because you have never been taught to take it seriously, but education will hold the key to you magnificent life. You are a beautiful women who only has many rainy days so that you can charish the sunny ones; but this storm is almost over. I know you are afraid to love because you have been abused but there is a wonderful man waiting to love you unconditionally. It sounds crazy, but I swear you will be the first in your family to go to college! You will have a 3.6GPA and double Major in Psychology and Mass Communications. It is true your future is beyond bright, you will move from California to Louisiana and join four diffrent campus organizations. Most importantly you will find sincere happiness. So dont give up on yourself because I have not given up on you. Love, Erica


Throughout my years of experience as a college student I have experienced leaving home after graduating high school to go to a four-year college out of state, I have experienced transferring home to a 2-year community college, and I have experienced transferring from a 2-year community college to a four-year university in state. The advice I would have given myself as a high school senior would be to take advantange of all the tools available to you in college. Resources in college are endless and the resources are typically free and are waiting for you to take advantage of them. Becoming involved with the college and the community are also essential, because college is one big family full of people that want you to succeed. I would also suggest taking advantage of every scholarship you can, because scholarships can assist you with finishing your education and getting you to where you need to be to be successful in life and accomplish your goals.


If I could go back in time as a high shcool senior, I don't think there is a lot I would change as I transitioned to college. Having strong parental support in high school had me focused on what would be needed in college. Being that I was on my own, the best I could give myself is to learn early about organization. I do believe I would have done better in my freshman year if I was more organized. Organization is the key to scheduling assignments, exams, and projects to make sure they are done on time; not at the last minute.


Thelisia, you are an intelligent and capable person. Never lose sight of your reason for going to college. You have to push yourself even harder during those times of confusion, frustration, depression, feelings of failure, to concentrate on your coursework. Join clubs and field related associations right away. Participate in sports. You liked volleyball so much in high school and you can continue playing in college to perfect your skills. Give back to the community. New Orleans is such a beautiful place and it needs people like you to care about it after all the devastation it has faced. Network! Never meet a stranger but remember while socilizing is key, dating can hold off. Try to refrain from dating. You are in college to learn and to take measures toward advancing your career. By ALL means network but never give anyone too much of your time if they do not have your best interest at heart. Out of all the important words that can be told to a college student, "Call and visit home as often as possible." is the most important. Your family will be able to lift your head and your hopes when you have no energy to.


Dillard has taught me how to survive in the real world. I have learned that not everthing is going to be handed to me when I want it, or if I am even going to get it. I have learned patience, because dealing with Dillard sometimes can be an extremely long process. I have learned that I might not live in the best neighborhood when I come out of college, and if I don't thanks to Williams Hall dormitory it wont matter. Dillard has taught me that not everybody I come in contact with will not be my friend, but most of all I learned to never give up no matter how hard school gets, or how hard my living conditions get or when I think I have rto much on my plate, just keep going.


I have gotten my Associate in Ats in Criminal Justice abd its been valuable to me because I am the fisrt one in my immediate famil to attend college. I am trying to be the first one in my family to get my law degree in a few years.


Some things that I have gotten out of my college experience is learning to better manage my time, stop procrastinating, always give your best, never give up and just because a few obstacles have been put in my way, it does not mean that I have to shut down or let it deter me. Attending Dillard has been valuable because I have been surrounded by people with positive energy. I have been surrounded by people that motivate me and push me. As a Freshperson, I came from a high school where some of the faculty and staff did not really care about the students and we were just numbers to them. At Dillard, I am more than just a number, I am a person and the people on Dillard's campus recognize and respect that.


The advice I would give myself would be just to do the work. Go to class, do the work, and just manage your time. College is all about time management. The transition for most is hard, especially if you go out of state, because you don't have family with you holding your hand. For me, the transition was complicated because I came to a school that was far and so it pulled me out of my comfort zone.


High school is the foundation a person needs in order to be successful in college. If someone is acedemically successful in high school, he or she will have little to no problems transitioning to the college setting. Both college and high school can be conquered with a "what you put in to it is what you get out of it" attitude. If I could go back and talk to myself, an average C or boarderline B-making student, I would encourage myself to be better than just average. College offers more distrations than high school. No one is here to force you to do the right thing. If I had been a better high school student, not procrastinating or slacking, I would have had practice in being discipline. Now that I am in control of my on faith, I have to force myself to be discipline. HIgh school is the foundation to the rest of your life.


If the hands of time could be reversed for me to walk the halls of Doyline High as a senior again, I would tell myself to enjoy the luxury of being care free. In high school, I took for granted the constant admonishment of my parents when I would tell them I was ready to leave and go off to college. Without fail, they would always say, "You better enjoy living at home because the world ain't no joke". Boy were they right. Do not get me wrong- college is a fun place where you get to meet new people, experience diverse cultures, and expand your intellectual capacity beyond your wildest imagination, but it also comes with major responsibilities. A couple are motivating yourself to get up for class every morning or saving your last ten dollars for school supplies instead of going out with friends. If I could go back and talk to myself I would say, "Nadine, take your time and don't rush high school. Enjoy your family, friends, and friday night football games, because you will look up tomorrow and they will only be memories".


I would tell myself to be wise about student loans and not spend refund checks on other things besides college tution. I would tell myself to apply refund checks to tution to keep student loans at a minimum. That's one of the things I regret about attending undergrad. Outside of that I had a very sucessful college experience.


If i were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, know knowing about college life and making the transition i would tell myself many things. I would tell myslef that I need to stay focused on my school work and think about partying after all of my work and studying is complete. In high school there is a lot more direction from teachers, while in college you must direct yourself for the most part and use good judgement in regards to assignments and such. I would also tell myself that at times you may get stressed out but you must stay strong and focused and just continue to do well and work hard. You must be diligent with yourself because it helps if you develop a sort of system so that you do your work at certain times and relax during others. At the end of it all i would tell myself to stay positive and have fun. If you dont have a positive outlook on college, that will put a damper on your experience and cause you to not make the best out of your limited, life changing time in college.


There is nothing better than seeing things for yourself. That being said, it is very important that you visit the campus yourself preferably during school hours so that you can see what really goes on. Also, ask questions and don't be ashamed because not asking will result in you having to find things out for yourself which is not always good. Another tip to help find the right college would be to ask a student at that school how they feel about the college so that you will get a student's point of view. Last but not least, be sure that the school you choose is right for YOU and always stay true to yourself because both are essential to your college experience.


When searching for the right college or university it is important to follow your heart and not your wallet. My school of choice is very expensive, however I wouldnt want to spend four years anywhere else.


Finding the right college takes planning; atleast a year or so in advance. To find the right college, one must determine whether the school is known for your major or has your major, the distance from home, if the classes you take are transferable, tuition, transportation, dorm life, book cost, and extra cirricular cost. College is what you make it. Your college experience is based on the type of individual you are. You should not feel pressured to go out every night and do things you would not normally do just to fit in. Do things that make you happy. If you enjoy studying, walking, sight-seeing, going out to dinner, the movies, shopping, playing video games, playing basketball, baseball, football, tennis, or swimming; then do those things and find those individuals who have the same interest as you. The college experience is something you will never get back. You dont want to look back and feel like you missed out or should have done things differently. Live for the here and now. Be smart in all of your decisions, manage your time so that works for you. Excel to the nth power and make everyone proud, especially yourself.


Make sure you visit the college that you think you would like to attend and ask as many question that you may have about the area around the school and what the town has to offer you. Make sure you check out the security on and off campus. Check to see what type of money the school has to offer you and if you would be able to work on campus to make some extra money for yourself. Don't think that your question is crazy because someone else may want to ask it but just couldn't get it our. Get all you question taken't care of so that you will make the right choose in what school you want to attend.


Start researching colleges and universities during first year of high school so that choices are well planned and thought out. Campus visits are important too.


Look at all aspects of the school and follow your heart, pick a school for the right reason (not the greek life lOl)!


Many parents prefer for their child to stay home from school, while students generally want to get away from home. When choosing the right college, look for a school that (1) has your major or interest, (2) has a great campus life, because four years of your life goes to this school, you want to enjoy it, (3) will provide you with each financial aid for the years you are there, with the possibility of gaining more with good grades and student invovlement, and lastly (4) a school where the student can grow.




Dillard is a school where the students will thrive as individuals and always be safe.




Check out colleges before one is chosen. Have a goal in mind and determine your experience- do not allow the school to determine it for you.


My advice on finding the right school is to tour many different schools because what you may think is right for you isn't. I had never heard of Dillard until I went on a College tour... The school I thought I wanted to attend didn't appeal to me as much once I physically saw the campus and interviewed the students. Dillard appealed to me at first sight and everyone was so inviting, it instantly became my first choice... Make the best out of college, learn a balance and studying and partying will be possible. Meet new people, college is what you make it.. Grow, Learn, Mature and Be Somebody!


Find the school that fits you best, and gives you the room to make the most out of the experience of self-discovery. A campus that is accepting of your personal beliefs, orientaitions, and dispositions is a campus where you may express and learn without the social pressure to conform or compromise crucial individual aspects. The best college experience is one in which the student is comfortable and expressive; this is conducive to the overall formation of one's world view.


Parents: Make sure that you son or daughter has had a full and complete tours of the school, take them to meet the people in finacial aid, and housing. Make sure that what ever major your son or daughter wants to persue that your son or daughter have the chance to meet some students who are in that major so you can get an honest opinon about the school from a students prospective. Students: Make sure that you love your school. Get to know people in financial aid and in other offices because when you need help they are the people to go to. Make sure that you always represent yourself because what ever you do someone is watching and will hear your buisness and tell the whole school. You don't want to start off on the wrong note so always act responsible and be responsible about the situations you put yourself in.


You should choose your school based on what your child needs. If he/she needs a lot of attention and a family environment then they should choose a black school but if they don't need any extra pushes and want to work with top researchers then they should go a different direction.


Do try to find the college that is the farthest from home. Parents can help the students and the students can help the parents get through college. Save some of that money. Live at home or as close to home as possible. Then once you graduate, take the money you saved, while in school, end help jump start your career. Get stocks and certificate of deposits to help you with your savings. look at it as a back up plan.


Id advise that students make the decision for themselves. They need to sit down and really asses what they need in a college and not let anyone else deter them from that.


Parents and students should visit various universities in order to decide if the university's atmosphere feels right. They should also take into consideration things such as: size of the university and class, instructors availibility, cost, surrounding area, and etc. In making the most of their college experience, they should have a great balance between school work and fun (relax and having fun enjoying the college life but handle business and get work completed). If one starts on assignments as soon as the assignment is gaven, than one can finish early and relax. The student should also live on campus for at least one year to possess the full college experience.


The student must be happy in order for success to reach potential


Investigate, research and stay involved. Although your child is a college student they still need you.


Take your time to figure what it is that you are looking for. Making sure to really research your school and your major. Look into shadowing someone in the field that you want to go into. Don't rely on your school to get you an internship start looking and interview during your freshman year don't take no for an answer.


The advice I would give students and parents about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience are to first to visit the colleges you think you can truely believe you can stay at for four years. Most colleges do have college tours where they let you visit everything from classrooms to dorm rooms. After you do decide on a college visit the neighborhood too. you should see how far stores and banks and other establishments are from your school. i would also advice to have fun. even though you are in college these four years are the pathway to your future and something you will remember for the rest of your life. you will enjoy college more if you do other things then focus on your books but do know your priorties.


Be ready for the change and be ready to learn, not just in the class room but at any facility on campus, be it the gym, the cafateria, or just sitting out side of your housing unit!. This is going to be some of the best times of your life! so embrace the change!


College is one of the best years of a student?s life. It is a time for making new friends and discovering who you are. As with every decision that you make in life, choosing the right college takes time. You must look at your current situation and develop a plan in order to choose wisely. You must also decide on your major and research various colleges in order to get the most out of your education. You must also take advantage of scholarships and grants, using loans as a last resort. Pay attention to deadlines and do not take rejection personally, just apply for more. After you have found the right college, explore different extra curricular activities that are offered on campus. Also staying in a campus dorm gives you a true college experience. It gives you a chance to prove to your parents that you can handle responsibility and gives you a chance to interact with different types of people. You will always find yourself wanting to go to parties and clubs instead of studying but you must keep your priorities in order. Do not forget why you went to college in the first place.


Take a campus tour of the desired colleges, do research about tuition, student population, campus life, and area surrounding the campus.


Research the school's programs and history. Stay well informed about scholarships as well as grants. Learn time management skills as well as maintaining self-control.


Make sure you definally like where you plan to go, because you will be there for 4 years or more.