Dillard University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing, anything you may not know somone at dillard will inform you and fill in the blanks


I think I need to buy every textbook required, before the semester, but wait to buy your books until after the first day of class. . This can be a stressful thing to think about when you’re just arriving for freshman year, but seeing a career development person can help you start off on the right fiel of study. You don't immediately make strong bonds with people, and your ‘friends for life’ just don't appear. There's a huge difference between someone you know and a real friend.


A little more about campus life


I wish I would have known how unorganized the administratin would be when it comes to financial and registration issues.


I wish I had known that a lot of the promises that were made, were only used to get students on campus.


That katrina would hit lOl


I wish I could have known that that administrators do not like to be challenged by students and are more receptive to the complaints of the student's parent than the customer(the student).