Dillard University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Dillard is a very prestegious school there are many things about this campus I like. Dillard has a sense of a community on its campus. Everywhere i go I feel as if it is a home accomidated for me.I find the small amount of students at the school quite interesting, the class sizes are smaller and more intimate. I feel that it's a great benefit to gain from a smaller school being that it isnt easy to get caught up in the wrong mix or just stray away.


The best thing about DU is its long standing and rich heritage. Founded in 1869 as a private black university, Dillard has maintained its history of providing its students with the finest education all the way into 2010. In doing so, Dillard students are adequately equipped to venture out into the corporate world and compete for jobs successfully.


What i consider the best thing about my school is that it is very family oriented. Everyone who attends Dillard University feels very welcomed and at home. The campus is fairly small so that gives it a rather homey feel. I really enjoy attending a school where it makes me feel as though i am at a home away from home.


My school has gone through hurricanes and still standing and caring about the student body and how we receive our education. I would tell anyone that is looking for a college to attend to look at Dillard University if you want to receive a great education.


The best thing about my school was that it allowed me to embrace the young woman I have become


Dillard University is a private Historically Black University that is very homey and small. I had the opportunity to attend Dillard pre-Katrina as well as post and I see the progress. I see the students, faculty and staff working hard to make Dillard the school it was pre-Katrina while also fixing the things that didn't work well... I am a proud Blue Devil...


I feel the best thing about Dillard are the small classroom and the easy access to computer labs. I also love the campus as far as it dont feel like a campus with just a bunch of buildings put together. There are plenty of grass around the campus.


The best thing about the college that I attend is the feeling of family. The faculty and students interact in a way that gives Dillard a true sense of togetherness.


The Acts as a community.