East Carolina University Top Questions

Describe a typical weekend.


As someone who doesn't drink alcohol, my weekends are likely less exciting than the typical ECU student. I spend many of my weekends hanging out with a few close friends at home in my apartment. We will occasionally go to parties, but that seldom happens.


Since we are a party school, you can find a party anywhere starting on Thursday nights. A lot of people go downtown as well because there are many different clubs and bars there to socialize, drink, and dance at there. There are other activities to do on campus if you do not want to be in the party scene. In our student center there is a bowling alley, and a game room which has pool tables, ping pong, and air hockey for $.50 or $1.00. Sometimes in the game room they will have people perform small concerts, karaoke, or comedy skits. In the theatre in the student center there are also movies that just came out of theatres that you can watch for free.