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East Carolina University is very unique because everyone has pirate pride! When it comes to athletics or academics, all the students and faculty are proud to attend this university.


We have a strong sense of school spirit. The Pirates are true to their school!


The uniqueness East Carolina University offers is student enthusiasm. From the outside one would think such enthusiasm revolves around the sports team known as the “Pirates”. This Pirate spirit surpasses the athletic division of the university. It is the heart, soul and power of East Carolina uniqueness. As a first generation college student and limited funds to invest in my future, East Carolina University provided the appropriate affordability and recognition of experience previously obtained as a transfer student. I have learned that this “Pirate Power” is contagious, its own force that emboldens our purple and gold students to achieve greater.


This school is very school spirited.


There is a spirit of family here. Students go out of their way to help other students.


East Carolina in unique in regards to the sprit that is withn the university. Everyone that attends the school becomes a member of Pirate Nation, they become part of a larger family filled with enegry, passion, and a large love for Pirate football. This spirt makes us different from every other university, our passion love and sprit for our university is one that is unmatched. Pirate Nation is strong, large, and extends far beyond the limits of the university.


The amount of school spirit, everyone is open and friendly. Once a pirate always a pirate. It is easy to bond ith other students.


The engineering program at my school is very personal compared to other schools. Many engineering programs are very large and impersonal, containing thousands of students. The schools tend to not care much about students who are struggling, and only provide opportunity for those who succeed. Engineering at East Carolina University is designed to support engineering students, and help them succeed. Our program is much smaller than most engineering programs; therefore, it is much easier to get one-on-one assistance from professors. This small community combined with the supportiveness of the professors creates a very positive academic atmosphere.


What is the most unique quality that ECU has compared to other universities is that one-of-a-kind art projects that are spread across the campus, such as sculptures, the water fountain, and the library's steps that make noise when you walk up them.


East Carolina is such a great school. I feel like I have learned so much just from being there my first semster as a freshman. The teachers do not look at you as a number like other schools might. The teachers are always there to help you and would bend over backwards for you. So far I have never came across teachers as good as they are. East carolina is also a good place to be I feel safe and surounded by a great environment! I absolutly love it there!! I wouldnt change one thing about it.


My school is unique from other Universities because of our tradition. Everyone that lives in Greenville, North Carolina bleeds purple and gold. This is the Pirate Nation; the town is built around the University. The Campus is tiny for the amount of students that attend the University because of our huge off-campus living, so there is a lot of interaction and getting to know one another. Personally, I wouldn’t say Disney World is the happiest place in the world, East Carolina University is. Everyone is always in a great mood and strives for the best.


Locating coast and the helpful of all the staff.


East Carolina University is a very unique schools conpared to other schools I have consifered. There are many fraternities and sororities at ECU. At most schools these people only associate with one another. They do not branch out and get involved with people who are not in fraternities or sororities. But ECU has a small campus and allows every one to get along and mingle with one another.


The most unique thing about East Carolina University is the fact that they have the third largest transit system in North Carolina and its 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} run by students.




I found that ECU was located in a great classic college town. Everywhere you look there is pirate pride. Most of the professor attended ECU themselves and also carry the pirate pride. The campus is also very beautiful; there is a large grassy area that is called "the mall" where there is no construction to preserver nature. Being a person the enjoys the outdoors and the ?go green? idea this part of ECU was very meaningful to me.


My school has been shown on tv as one of the top ten party schools in the nation. Honestly we do party there but not more than any other school. None of the parties are on campus. All of them are off campus at peoples apartments and homes. My school itself is a very good school, we have great majors and great social experiences.


When I entered college I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. This school had the most choices in terms of majors that I was interested in. I also liked its recreation center and the campus itself was beautiful.


The small feel of the large school is unique to East Carolina University.


East Carolina is not only a beautiful campus, it also has excellent health programs as well as teaching programs. The students are friendly, the weather is warm, and the teachers will always do what they can to assist you in your college career.


One of the main things that I love about my school is how willing people are to help others when they need it. I noticed this when I visited my school at both of their open houses and again at new student orientation during the summer. Experiencing this made me even more excited about going to this school. Everyone is always willing to help. I never really got that vibe from the other schools I considered. My school has a history of service to the community, so I believe the people here embrace this to the fullest.


East Carolina University offers a nursing program that was well-known and well respected compared to other colleges that I considered. ECU seemed to have a strong concern for the success of their students and in general the school makes you feel very welcomed. ECU also has one of the largest student transit systems that will take you around Greenville to major stores, etc. , which makes it very unique.


To me this school gives you the chance to express yourself in you on way, yeah other school do that to but it nother like the way the pirates do it.


I love my school because you can do everything that you ever thought college was. With every sport intermeral team to theatre club or christian crusades. There are many thing you can do at my school. Everyone is so friendly. You meet many people in your classes and form many friendships that I never thought I could get. I beleive the education here is that same that i would have gotten anywhere else, so to my it really is that extra curricular actives that sets us apart. Go ECU, and the school spirit is amazing!!


school spirit is really high


Professors enteract more with students. Everyone is friendly. Encourages other activities/clubs other than accademic work.


East Carolina is unique because even though it is a very big school, it provides a small school feel. It does this by providing students with a variety of activities to get involved on and off campus. Getting involved on campus allows students to feel connected to the University and other students on campus. There is a variety of majors provided on campus. ECU began as a Teacher school and is still known for being one of top University's in training teachers to be the best. The school also offers a variety of majors with wonderful training.


very friendly people and a lot of pride in the school. also, just the right size campus.


the school makes up the city and it's in the middle of nowhere


The instructors all care so much. They really want you to do well not only in their class but in your life now and in your career in the future.


It's nearly perfect. That is in sight, East Carolina is a University to keep and eye on.


East Carolina University offers so many majors and opportunities. We offer one of the best medical schools, in Brody Medical school, as well as one of the best teaching programs. Also, libral arts is a major part of our university . I know that East Carolina can offer me the best education for whatever I choose to do.


We have that southern hospitality. Everyone says hi to each other, whether they know each other or not. Janitors, school administrators, even food service staff will wish students good luck on their final exams. Everyone knows everybody, the campus is a tight-knit community. We have prayer boxes on campus, fundraisers, and community service events. The schools works really hard to get kids involved and bring entertainment to campus.


East Carolina is located right near a hospital where I can either intern at or get a job after I graduate. ECU is really big on health professions so I know I will have a good chance at getting my dream job.