East Carolina University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the tight-knit bond that all greek life students share with one another. Even though there are numerous different chapters and organizations, everyone shows friendliness, compassion, and support to other members. Support is shown through attendance to philanthropy events of all chapters, Panhellenic meetings, and fundraisers.


I usually talk about football games and notjust about when we win, but about the feeling of being at a game. Being surrounded by thousands of other students and fans, cheering on your fellow pirates is a feeling like no other. I always look forward to game days because it is a day I know I will enjoy.


When bragging about this school its a toss up between the very nice setting and the very active social life


How close everything is. I can walk everywhere I need to go on and off campus.


I tell them about the comradery of the dorm. I tell them about the unique opportunity of learning and being given the gift to further my education and not waste it on partying. There are fun things to do such as the sporting events. Again dorm floor compete in events.


At ECU, there is no excuse not to learn. There are so many wonderful courses to take, and qualified professors to chose from. ECU offers many opportunities to be involved.. There are hundreds of clubs to chose from. There are many free events that happen weekly on campus such as movies and concerts.ECU is the least expensive university in NC. With that being said, the quality of education is excellent. Professors are accessible, tutoring is free, the campus is beautiful, financial aid is great, and the opportunities to get involved in any organization are limitless.


I brag about how awesome the food is and how nice it is that most of my classes are right by each other. I only have ten minutes to get to each class, so it is very convenient that all of my classes and buildings are grouped together in one area. Our food here is really good. There is a vast variety of things to choose from, whether it is chick-fil-a or sbarro's the food is delightful.


I enjoyed going to ECU. ECU is located in my home town. ECU has a great football organization. ECU goes to Bowl games almost every year. Everybody loves going to ECU foot ball games. ECU has a beautiful campus too. Historic building have been preserved for todays college students. There is always something going on at ECU. Fraternities, sororities, clubs, and organizations are everywhere. I liked my nursing instructors. There were very down to earth. They realized I had a life outside the class room. They took my family and my full time job in consideration. They were great!


The school makes the city. Located in eastern NC, the school provides transportation to most locations, two dining halls, several eateries on campus, wireless internet service while in courtyards, free laundry in each dorm, bowling alley and movie theater on campus, eateries in lower level of Jones Hall (where I was) (talk about convenience), everything available via the web. People are friendly


One thing that I discuss with my friends in school is about my volunteer work. I believe volunteer work is very important not only for yourself to gain experience but also to help the managers of the facility and others in the community. I have volunteered at an Educational State Forest in my home town and have volunteered with Goose Creek State Park. Both of which helped me to better understand the field I want to persue. Also, I volunteered working in a competition garden that won second place and helped to serve the needy food at Thanksgiving.


I tell my friends that we have one of the best nursing school around. Thats why i choose to come here. Not only do we have a good nursing school but the overall is a safe and relaxing one. You can have fun but at the same time get your education.


How friendly the people on campus are and how much school spirit everyone has.


I brag about how much fun I'm having, how much I'm learning, and everything with which I'm involved. I'm learning and growing up, becoming the woman I want to be and making lifelong memories -- those are the things I brag about.


We have a great football program, baseball, softball, and women's basketball programs as well as a great Nursing School, Teaching School, and Business School.


I love the diversity of the campus. I've come from a military family. I moved to a pretty non-diverse town when I was in high school. Being in college has reminded me that the world is still a diverse place.


The awsome atmosphere and the people there. Going to football games and the party atmosphere. Great school for learning an recieving you education. Excellent softball team that truly enjoyed bing a part of. one of the greatest school's out there would reccommend it to anyone.


Great town and atmosphere - small campus feel.


The enjoyable people and fun atmosphere!


That our nursing program is number one in the nation and that our elementary education program is one of the top in the nation. Also that we love football! Go Pirates!


The downtown, party area. Also the science department is nice, and I have a good job working in the biology department as well as the opportunity to do research.


I have never seen a school with as much school spirit as East Carolina has, and I have never seen so many different people from different places across the US, it's wonderful.


How much fun we have.


I often brag about the sense of community and the awesome school spirit that envelopes not only our students, but parents, alumni, and faculty as well. Its a bigger school, with a diverse ratio of people, which in turn, gives each student a glimpse of the real world ahead!


I do not bragg


how interesting the classes were in my major.


My step team team that I'm on, the football team


East Carolina is a very good school. To me it feels like home. I belive I am getting a very good education here.


Im here


The football team they are doing good this year.




I brag about our football team. Our school size is just right. We live in a city that revolves around our wonderful hospital. Our university is the core of the hospital and that makes me proud. Also, I'm just proud to be a pirate!