Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Easy access to an education at a reasonable price.


This is a friendly campus, with a very diverse student body. The professors are readily accessible and willing to help any student that is willing to work. We have many international students which gives you a chance to meet and experience many cultures and contibutes to a more tolerent attitude. Classes are small and we presented and students are encouraged to go beyond what is presented and learn more about the subject. the campus is small, friendly, and safe.


My school is best know for the pride that it carries itself with. Anywhere you look around this town you will see that the pride flows over in the community.


My school is best known for its nursing program and agriculture.


To me my school is best known for being an outreach school because I go to school at the Hobbs site through ITV and do not actually attend at Portales campus.


Our school is best known for our music, education, and communications programs.