Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


There are sports, of course, that everyone seems to enjoy. In addition, there are clubs like the I don't know how to cook club. It isn't just fooling around type clubs though. There are clubs for majors like accounting to help you out in the real world.


There are a lot of activities going on at ENC. But the ones that I currently stand on are JUMP DRAMA: this is a small theatre group, which has tours around the BOSTON area. They primarly focus on giving plays and smalls skits that are very biblical and christian based. GOSPEL CHOIR: although this is a .5 credit class, this is not just a time where you come and sing gospel songs. But it is a chance for you to have devotion time, with the peers you conversate on a day to day bases, even with peers you don't really talk to. The choir goes on tours. We recently came back from VA/DC which was imply amazaing. We got a chance to not only minister in song, but brighten some ones day and that to me is always a plus. If I can make you happy when you find all reason to be sad then I have done my job as a christian. There are alot more clubs that are very exciting to be apart of and it is a great way for you to become more social.