Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love ENMU! It is great, and tons of the people here are really helpful. I love my classes and my teachers and for the first time in my life, I don't mind going to school.


I go to ENC, this is my first year. This school is known for being a christian - based college. Which focus on stregthen your faith, as well as provide you with a good education to succed in life. What I like about this school is, although it is small you get to meet great and exciting new people. As well as learn about who they really are and their cultures. The only thing I would change in my school, would have to be the meal system. It is edible but I feel it can be a little better than what is it. When I express where I go to school people tend to ask where is this school located, but after I give them details they are happy about my choice. While being on campus, besides my dorm room. I love to spend time in the gym, the newly - remolded hall which was recently named "Hebrews" which came straight from the bible. I also love to hang in the Spange parlor, it is a good feeling to be around other people who are trying to become something in life. The adminstration is well structured. For every dorm there is a RA and a RD who are very nice and approachable. There is alot of school pride, when students come together for home sports game. That is the best time to see students, loving the school besides the small clubs that they are on. Overall this is a good school the only thing people would probally complain about is the school being too costly and the food. Other than that, you are expected to have a great time at this school.