Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus?


Some of the buildings are in need of repair, the campus needs more and brighter light poles, and all of the sidewalks on campus need demolished and redone.


The kind of person that should attend Eastern New Mexcio University is someone who wants to be focused and do all the work that is assigned. Though the school is small it offers really good services for students. The main thing is that it is in a small town which means there are not that many destractions. A person that is dedicated to there work and who wants to have a great start on college should come to Eastern New Mexico Uiniversity.


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who can endure high winds, and a wide varitey of smells. Who enjoys the finers things in life but is still hard working and still have a good time doing it.


People who like a small school atmosphere, and are not used to all the choices available to them in even a moderately large city.


This campus is ideal for any student that does not like to be lost in the crowd. It offers a great education without losing the personal touch. If a student is from a small town or just doesn't like big cities and really wants to focus on thier education this is the school to choose. this school is also great for non-traditional student like me as it works with their unique needs. Great tutoring is available in all fields so the student can succeed.


The type of student that should attend this school is a student who loves athletics or plays athletics. Almost everything in and around our school is based upon athletics. The students look forward to saturdays for the footbll games, and on weekdays students go to basketball and volleyball games. If you are any type of athlet, this school right for you.


Students who are committed and dedicated to hard work should attend ENMU. There is phenomenal support from professors and administration for those who are serious about obtaining a higher education. The resources are abundant and a supportive student base is present. Scholarships and recognition are encouraged as is participation in educational activities. I would highly recommend ENMU!


A small-town person should attend this school


Any student wiling to work and achieve their goals. This college is known for porducing quality teachers and media people as well as other areas of study. If someone is not comfortable with large cities or large crowds and likes the personal thouch this is a great school to attend.


A person who is focused on what kind of career they want after school, whether it be business or criminal justice.