Eckerd College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Its classy and the people are friendly. My school isnt getto I guess.


I sit on the beach all day in Babylon. Teaching is imperialistic, and not open to many other points of view that are traditional or fundamental.


The Water View, The water sports, the diverse group of people, small classes (8-20), so you really get to KNOW your professors and they get to know you.


Small class sizes, every professor has a Ph.D, you can't beat how friendly everyone is.


The location. Since I'm from Jersey but go to school in Florida, I like to tease my friends at home when it's cold that I'm enjoying the beach or the pool.


The location of the campus in Florida, right on the beach.


the location and the small classes


I brag about the beach on campus, the warm weather, and the overall natural feel. I also brag about the good social atmosphere and how easy it is to have fun on campus. Also, the school makes it easy to study abroad and do service work.


The weather