Eckerd College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish that I had been more in touch with what I wanted out of my education. I did not realize the importance of a holistic education--how it is not just the school and the faculty that will determine your satisfaction and overall happiness at college, but also the students, the environment, and the geographic location. In the end, I did not choose the right place for me. Though I would highly recommend EC to other students who have seriously considered every aspect of the school, I personally am choosing to not go back.


I wish I had realized how much freedom there is for students. It was a little shocking to realize how much students are focused on socializing, forming friendships, expressing themselves and having fun. The people are intelligent and care about education, but just as much attention is placed on extracurricular and spiritual development as studying.


I wish I had known there were 4 terms of a foreign language necessary in order to qualify for phi beta kappa.


How accepting people were.


That the food isn't always great, sometimes I wonder if it's even edible.


That the advantage in choosing a college is not so much the education itself because you can get that on your own if you have an enquiring mind but the opportunities for success and freedom. By this, I mean I've been able to impress my professors, get into an honors program, recieve accolades, etc. which will all help me get into grad school because of how thoroughly my professors know me and are able to write about me. Also, the work load isn't too demanding so it leaves me with room to follow my own research interests.


that you had to be on the meal plan


More about the liberal art requirements. There are 2 courses every student must take to graduate... they should have explained it better.


not sure


That the cafeteria food isn't always great, the pub food is always greasy, that eckerd search and rescue is like a cult, chemistry and calculus proffesors aren't that great, and that Eckerd runs more like a business and tries to get as much money from you as they can.