ECPI Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my self to procrastinate less and study more. I would be more proactive in getting classes needed specifically for my degree to shorten the amount of time I am in school so that I can be more helpful to my husband financially in taking care our daughter and household.


I feel college is preparing me for the career path that I have chosen. I understand that without this opportunity that my choices in life for a career would be very limited. I am very excited to attend ECPI and am looking forward to the day when I feel I am ready to begin by career in Web Design and development. I feel confident I am headed in the right direction to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills needed to begin my career path.


My self esteem has been the most I received so far while attending ECPI. The professors want you to succeed and they beyond their teaching responsibilities to get it done. I look forward to my up coming classes because I know I will have a great instructor.


I would inform myself of the events, not in so much detail, of the past eight years and convince the younger me to give it all in high school and enroll for my degree immediately upon graduation instead of waiting six years.


When you are in high school you seem to think that it's your whole world. You never really take the time to look past the little fish bowl you call life. With that being said, I would tell my youger self how important it is to really focus on my studies. When your high school days are behind you it doesn't really matter what click you hung out with or who was dating who. What really matters is the grades you make the stuff you learn. In the end thats all that really counts in order to get into a good school that will inevitably lead you to the rest of your life.


If I could go back in time I would really tell myself to stay in school don't give up because at the end of the day you will be happy. No matter what or how long it takes in the end of the year or years you will have achieved your goal in life. Never let anyone discourage you from doing whatever it is to better your life. So make your life purposeful.


If I could go back to talk to the younger, unwiser me, I would tell myself that I needed to apply to VCU and at least try to get in. I would tell myself that I would soon regret the decision due to the fact the JTCC is not the place I really want to be. I would remind myself that I am capable of being successful in college, and to not be intimidated for its not something to intimidate but to praise that I'm able to have such an opportunity. I would tell myself to be more willing to take chances rather than just settle for what I could easily do. Also, to be more willing to push myself to achieve the goals that I had set in the first place of being a nurse because I know thats what I wanted to do all along. Not to overthink it to make myself believe that it wasnt for me because of the intimidation. I would mostly want to get across to myself to not be intimidated, go for my dreams no matter what the cost, not to listen to anyone else but me when making my life decisions.


Knowing what I know now about being in college. I would have gone straight to college after I graduated from high school. When I was in high school I used to just think of taking some time off and I did before college. Now I wish I hadn't. Although, math and using my study tips and memory came back quite quickly after starting college classes...I still would have preferred going straight to college. That way it would have just all stayed fresh in my mind. However, I don't seem to be doing to bad since I'm in my 4'th module now and have just less than a 4.0 gpa. Nursing school is hard and it takes dedication and studying to make it. So I'm proud of myself thus far. But I definitely would tell myself to go straight to college, if I could go back and talk to myself.


Take advantage of all the education you can get before entering the working world. It is too easy to get caught up in work and life situations that may stop you from continuing your education and you will look back and regret it.


Wow where would one start. I did not graduate from high school with my friends, I dropped out in my sophmore year. I would explain to myself that no one will take better care of me than me, and do not give up on myself or my dreams. The realization of just how important a education really is and how that one decision to quit school and give up education has drastically impacted the coarse of my life. Dropping out of school and a ten year gap between made going to college very difficult for me. I had to take several remedial classes before I could take my required classes for my degree. This cost me time and money not to mention the emotional stress of not understanding the material at the age in my life. If I could go back and pull my head out of my butt, I would have finished school with my peers and went to college with those of my same age. I find myself intimidated in college now because I am so much older than my average class mate who seems to be much smarted than I. Tracy Stapleton


Do not look at your current options. Think ahead and plan where you would like to be in 20 years and what actions are required now to acheive those goals. It is difficult to understand as a teenager what decisions may effect you later in life. Be strong in your dreams and do not loose focus.