Edgewood College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Edgewood College is an engaging enviroment, that does a great job at balancing creativeness, critical thinking, and applying knowledge, that allows students to not only learn about the world around them, but also themselves.


I actually go to Lakeland College in Madison, WI. It was not a choice on the dropdown. It is an inviting atmosphere, which encourages education! The staff seem very eager to help and make education a priority. They are willing to help and are easily available for questions or concerns. My advisor was my first impression of the school. He helped with any questions I had. I felt comfortable in knowing that my goals in my career were just as important to him as they were to me. It has been a positive experience thus far!


The school is great and provides a great learning environment for students.


It is overall a friendly, very personal school.


My school is definitly a really well organized community where the teachers really care about you succeeding in your future and helping you pick the right career. Everyone here from the students to the faculty workers are all really nice and all willing to bend over backwards to help you.


Edgewood college is a unique college that offers close student- teacher relationships, community involvement, small class sizes, is committed to academic success and is very expensive!


A supportive community, striving to help every student reach his or her greatest potential while mantaining a sense of truth, compassion, justice, partnership, and of course community.


My school is out to do the best things for students.


It is a small school in a Big Ten town, which is an awesome thing to have.


My school is very welcoming and creates a small community setting in a bigger city.


An entertaining, cozy yet comfortable, university that emphasizes diversity and exploration.


It is a small 4 year college that is nestled into the Madison community. A lot of times I feel that it dosn't have what I want out of life. Overall though, I think this college is allright. It has its up and downs.


Friendly atmosphere with many opportunities.


A great fit