Edgewood College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Edgewood College know before they start?


I would tell myself to stay strong and do not lose your focus on what is important. Stay true to yourself so you can finish high school proud of yourself and the accomplishment you have achieved in life. With the college life transition I would tell my high school to do not get overwhelm with the stress of moving in your dorm, new classes, and new people. Remember who you are and try your hardest not to lose yourself in this new chapter of your life. I know through high school you would tend to over stress and not study so much. In college you have to always work hard and continue studying and being focus on any task at hand. Have fun in college and enjoy adulthood but don’t lose sight of your goal of getting your college degree. So overall in college life be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.


Start researching and making decsions now before it's too late and your stuck at home going to commmunity college. You have a chance at doing something great, don't throw it away by wasting time and putting things off until tomorrow, thinking there will be time. There isn't going to be any time left, time waits for no one. GET STARTED!


The advice I would give myself would be to be open to college life. Be willing to explore and try new things. Don't always be stuck in your own ways and not willing to branch out. Also stay organized and on top especially if choosing to be a part of a sporting team. You may feel that you have a lot of free time since classes are spread out, but as you get older the classes become more demanding. I would tell myself not to procrastinate and use the time and resources that are given. Always take the opportunites to use the resources to help when making decisions and other things because they will help and do come in very handy. Lastly I would remind myself of how great of an experience I am going to have, but at the same time focus on what is important.


I know this must be weird, but I have some really good advice for you. The work might seem like it is not a lot to do and it is not, but you can not wait until Sunday night to do it. You will stress yourself out. Also, make sure to take Sunday nights off, as much as you try to not procrastinate on some assingments, make sure to take Sunday Nights off, so you have time to finish up assignments and take your time. Lastly, do not forget about reading, it seams like that would be the easy part, but it is also the most time consuming.


I would definitely tell myself to open up more to people and not be such a recluse in my dorm like I was in my freshman year. I would also tell myself to focus more on career planning from the get-go, rather than putting it off until later. I would also tell myself to focus on attaining a degree that is close to what interests me and makes me happy, rather than on possible future salary (which I already do focus on).


If I could go back and become the high school senior that I was, I would definitely work really hard on my service work and activities around the communities so that when applying for colleges I have a lot of useful information for them to look at. Also I would tell myself to get my applications in within a week of when they start accepting so there is a better chance of acceptance. Another important thing that I would tell myself to do is start to study and work hard like a college student has to do. I didn't know what to expect homework wise and I wasn't really sure how I would have to study so I think that looking into that throughout my senior year would have helped and prepared me for my college life now. The last thing would be, once I know the college I'm attending, would be to contact people and get to know them before even starting school so you have someone to talk to and meet new friends early!


Thinking back on my high school experience, right away there are three things I wish I would've done differently to help me in college. The first one and the biggest one is saving money! Once you get out on your own, you realize how much it really costs to support yourself. So many times I find myself wishing I wouldn't have thrown my money away on items I don't really need. The second would be changing my procrastination. If there's one thing that gets me now, its my procrastinating. I always look back and wish I would've pushed myself to change this. The last would be actually retaining the material I learned in high school. We've all heard it, "when will I ever use this?" Well in college I could've used it all! There's nothing I can do now to change what I did in high school but I can try my best to change the right now and the future!


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice as a high school student entering into college, I would tell myself that it is not as important to focus on what you want to be for the rest of your life right away. I have learned more from gaining experience and testing out my own personal theories; which I would have never done, if I had life all figured out right away. The experience has led me to a better understanding of who I am and what tasks I do enjoy in a career, as well as, tasks I do not enjoy or may have a weakness at. I am a much better candidate for education, because I am able to use my experience in my assignments and class discussion. I also am appreciating my education more than I did. The maturity I have gained, lets me become the person I want to be, in the career I want to enjoy for the rest of my life! You do not have to have it all figured out at the age of 18 to be successful! Take your time and enjoy education!


Advice i would give to myself? Well first i would tell myself to prepare for college study hard and focus on school. There are many schools that wont except you if you have a low GPA so get good grades take classes that apply to what you want to be in life. Never let anyone tell you that you cant or are not qualified to go to the school of your dreams. Take the ACT and SAT. Study hard for them and get a good score colleges really look at that. Dont not apply for a school because of money.


I would give myself advice that I should have started college a little bit earlier, and never take life for granted. I would also tell myself to get the highest degree I could achieve, and never settle for less. I would also tell myself that college is what you make of it, you will either fail or pass depending on how your attitude is in college. I would also tell m yself to do a ground campus experience, because it is rewarding and exciting to be able to interact with other college students. I would also tell myself that college is the way to getting an excellent job, and will provide a way out of poverty. Therefore, a college degree can give me a chance of excelling to my highest points, and open up doors for me that will help me to make a substantial salary; and provide a great life for my family.