Edgewood College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to stay strong and do not lose your focus on what is important. Stay true to yourself so you can finish high school proud of yourself and the accomplishment you have achieved in life. With the college life transition I would tell my high school to do not get overwhelm with the stress of moving in your dorm, new classes, and new people. Remember who you are and try your hardest not to lose yourself in this new chapter of your life. I know through high school you would tend to over stress and not study so much. In college you have to always work hard and continue studying and being focus on any task at hand. Have fun in college and enjoy adulthood but don’t lose sight of your goal of getting your college degree. So overall in college life be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.


Start researching and making decsions now before it's too late and your stuck at home going to commmunity college. You have a chance at doing something great, don't throw it away by wasting time and putting things off until tomorrow, thinking there will be time. There isn't going to be any time left, time waits for no one. GET STARTED!


The advice I would give myself would be to be open to college life. Be willing to explore and try new things. Don't always be stuck in your own ways and not willing to branch out. Also stay organized and on top especially if choosing to be a part of a sporting team. You may feel that you have a lot of free time since classes are spread out, but as you get older the classes become more demanding. I would tell myself not to procrastinate and use the time and resources that are given. Always take the opportunites to use the resources to help when making decisions and other things because they will help and do come in very handy. Lastly I would remind myself of how great of an experience I am going to have, but at the same time focus on what is important.


I know this must be weird, but I have some really good advice for you. The work might seem like it is not a lot to do and it is not, but you can not wait until Sunday night to do it. You will stress yourself out. Also, make sure to take Sunday nights off, as much as you try to not procrastinate on some assingments, make sure to take Sunday Nights off, so you have time to finish up assignments and take your time. Lastly, do not forget about reading, it seams like that would be the easy part, but it is also the most time consuming.


I would definitely tell myself to open up more to people and not be such a recluse in my dorm like I was in my freshman year. I would also tell myself to focus more on career planning from the get-go, rather than putting it off until later. I would also tell myself to focus on attaining a degree that is close to what interests me and makes me happy, rather than on possible future salary (which I already do focus on).


If I could go back and become the high school senior that I was, I would definitely work really hard on my service work and activities around the communities so that when applying for colleges I have a lot of useful information for them to look at. Also I would tell myself to get my applications in within a week of when they start accepting so there is a better chance of acceptance. Another important thing that I would tell myself to do is start to study and work hard like a college student has to do. I didn't know what to expect homework wise and I wasn't really sure how I would have to study so I think that looking into that throughout my senior year would have helped and prepared me for my college life now. The last thing would be, once I know the college I'm attending, would be to contact people and get to know them before even starting school so you have someone to talk to and meet new friends early!


Thinking back on my high school experience, right away there are three things I wish I would've done differently to help me in college. The first one and the biggest one is saving money! Once you get out on your own, you realize how much it really costs to support yourself. So many times I find myself wishing I wouldn't have thrown my money away on items I don't really need. The second would be changing my procrastination. If there's one thing that gets me now, its my procrastinating. I always look back and wish I would've pushed myself to change this. The last would be actually retaining the material I learned in high school. We've all heard it, "when will I ever use this?" Well in college I could've used it all! There's nothing I can do now to change what I did in high school but I can try my best to change the right now and the future!


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and give myself advice as a high school student entering into college, I would tell myself that it is not as important to focus on what you want to be for the rest of your life right away. I have learned more from gaining experience and testing out my own personal theories; which I would have never done, if I had life all figured out right away. The experience has led me to a better understanding of who I am and what tasks I do enjoy in a career, as well as, tasks I do not enjoy or may have a weakness at. I am a much better candidate for education, because I am able to use my experience in my assignments and class discussion. I also am appreciating my education more than I did. The maturity I have gained, lets me become the person I want to be, in the career I want to enjoy for the rest of my life! You do not have to have it all figured out at the age of 18 to be successful! Take your time and enjoy education!


Advice i would give to myself? Well first i would tell myself to prepare for college study hard and focus on school. There are many schools that wont except you if you have a low GPA so get good grades take classes that apply to what you want to be in life. Never let anyone tell you that you cant or are not qualified to go to the school of your dreams. Take the ACT and SAT. Study hard for them and get a good score colleges really look at that. Dont not apply for a school because of money.


I would give myself advice that I should have started college a little bit earlier, and never take life for granted. I would also tell myself to get the highest degree I could achieve, and never settle for less. I would also tell myself that college is what you make of it, you will either fail or pass depending on how your attitude is in college. I would also tell m yself to do a ground campus experience, because it is rewarding and exciting to be able to interact with other college students. I would also tell myself that college is the way to getting an excellent job, and will provide a way out of poverty. Therefore, a college degree can give me a chance of excelling to my highest points, and open up doors for me that will help me to make a substantial salary; and provide a great life for my family.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, i would advise myself to always remain focus, responsible, and accountable. College life is a huge step in responsibility as i have learned. I would also inform myself that hard work always pay off regardless of how tidious it may seem at that point and that the saying;" Work hard, play later" is a very relevant lifestyle to any college student. During my time in the dental assistant program, i started out not taking my grades seriously. Though i am a very intelligent student, I took advantage of being away from home, having my own place and transportation until one day my instructor informed me that i was failing a course that i needed to graduate. It was then that i realized that i lost my focus. After that rude awakening, i finished at the top of my class and was the first to receive a job during clinicals. As a whole, i would tell myself as a high school senior that college life has a story to tell of its own. How the story ends is always the individuals choice.


College is a lot easier than high school. There is not as much pressure to fit in. This is truly an opportunity to discover yourself.


I would give myself the advice that in college you have to try extra hard to get good grades you can not just wake up and go to an exam you need to study and do the homework and you will then get really good grades and succed in life. I also would tell myself that I should of tried harder in high school because then I would of felt more prepared for college level classes.


Trust your own instincts. If I have learned one thing from going to college for three years so far, it would be to follow my own head and heart. During a college career, there are many decisions to make, and sometimes one can get caught up in them. I was getting opinions and suggestions from every direction, and I let others influence my choices; consequently, I realized I wasn't truly happy. No matter how rediculous and crazy an idea about college may be, take the risk if it feels right. I was living my life based on what others wanted, and I wound up not knowing what I desired for myself. Now, I am on the right path and following my own dreams. College is the time in life to take advantage of the freedom to mold your own future. "I guess if you don't jump, you'll never know if you can fly."

Ching Fung Helaman

I bet you must want to know about me a little bit more and listen to my councils, cause I walked back and gave you the words deeply in my heart. I knew that you might think you're good at what you're right now, having a job, studying in high school, no metter the result it maybe, good or bad, it doesn't seem meant alot to you. please, listen what I'm trying to warn you. Now you've no idea how valuable to study as good as possible in these few years in your academy's life. In here you can choose whatever majors/minors which you really interested in and also people in BYUH, they're trying so hard to live with the best as they can, or may say the higher standard that the school expeceted to be. To study in college, it'll treure you up in knowledges and wisdoms to make you wise in all things. we should be grateful for learning opportunity in life, much knowledge you've gain and most easily become a better or successful person. Helping people out by standing upper than the poor.


My advice to myself would be to think about how your major will affect you later in life. That you love what you do not just for a paycheck, but for the long haul. Try to take some kind of exsperince out of each class you take even if it is not directly. Related to your major, because you never know how. That information could be useful to you later in life, and stay positive and focused.


There is a lot of time to figure out what you are most interested in and have the most aptitude in. Take classes that are exciting to you, not just what other people think you should take, and work hard at whatever you do because more doors will be open to you. You never know who might come back into your life and under what circumstances, so treat everyone with the respect. Honesty and ethics are the best foundation of any career or relationship, professional or personal, and will always outweigh test grades or your GPA. Most importantly, it’s ok to feel confused or unsure of what you want. You wouldn’t be in college if you knew everything and life is always filled with uncertainty so don’t let it scare you – it’s what keeps life interesting. Lastly, don’t change the road you are on. A bright and beautiful future is a head of you. It will be filled with many challenges, but you will overcome them and be a stronger, more accepting, and successful mother because of them. One person, even you, can have a lasting, positive impact on the world.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, there are probably several things I would say. Knowing what I know now about college life, I would tell myself to study harder. One thing I have found out in college is, that I wish I had studied harder in high school. It seems that when you are in high school, you don't realize how important studying really is. As an older college student, I have found that I retained information much easier when I was younger. I would also tell myself to pay closer attention, and to challenge myself to take more difficult classes. All I had on my mind at the time I was a senior, was to graduate and get married. With this in mind, I only took the basic classes that I needed to graduate. Now I wish I had taken everything possible, played everything possible, and lived life in a way that was pleasing to God. As most adults do, I have realized that the things that were important in high school, don't mean a thing now.


Never give up. No words could have meant more to me in high school than never give up. It may sound rather cliché, and that is simply because it is true. The second I gave up on my educational journey was the first second I regretted it. It took me over four years to get back into the classroom. Every teacher says it, and every adult student seconds the motion, but I had never fully understood how destructive giving up on myself would eventually be. The hurdles that I created for myself by giving up did not need to exist. I was on the road to a productive and meaningful life. Unfortunately, when I decided that I didn't need school to be successful, I buried myself in a pigeon hole too deep to see the light. Education is, without a doubt, the most significant and powerful tool and person can garner. If I could implant that sage wisdom into my younger self, I can only imagine what accomplishments I would have achieved. Thankfully, I am back in school, and this time around, I will not give up.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that college is a lot harder than high school. You cant not do your work or not go to class and still succeed. You really need to try hard and put tons of effort into succeeding. I would also tell myself that I would of transfered to Edgewood because I didn't like UW Milwaukee. I would of also told myself that college would be a time to grow up and mature and relize the good things in life and to enjoy it because it only comes once. I would of also told myself that you will miss your family so much because going away I didnt think I would but you do. I would also give myself the advice of seeking extra help like tutors and talking to your teachers if you feel like you are falling behind in a class. The extra things that a college offers I would defnitily recommend checking them out because they do help a lot when it comes to grades.


I am currently a Sophomore at the College of Dupage (COD), my experience there has been a jurney of discovery. While attending COD as a full time student I have been working 30-40 hours per week as an assistant manager at a restaurante. Two years ago I thought I would just work my way into a manager possistion in the company, I didnt think I could afford college and I thought being a manager was all I could hope to achieve. Over these last to years Ive awoken a deep interest in the human body and how to keep it healthy. Ive been sussesful in both my classes at community college and at work, through this ive seen that I have alot of potential. My plans have changed, and now I find my self working harder to save, and studying longer to get better grades. Im on my way a new carrer in the health field with the confidence ive gained from both working and being a fulltime student. My college experience has been alot of work and will continue to be, but without it I would never have seen what I am capable of doing.


Going back to college has been a lifelong dream. I completed 3 years at various colleges before I entered into the military. Now, 15yrs later, I am in the process of a medical retirement due to injuries and complications while I was deployed in Iraq. It was very difficult for me to be told by the Army that my career was over & I had to get out. Once my surgeries were completed, I had dried my eyes and made peace with the decision, I searched within myself to see where else I could make a contribution in life. This was my Maker's way of telling me that I had completed "one mission" and it was now time to begin the next. I am now back in college to obtain my BSN and hopefully one day, be a NICU Nurse or work with babies and young children. College will not only allow me to finally complete my Bachelor's Degree, but I will also be able to support my family in a way that had become my passion. It has given me a sense of empowerment and self-worth. I cannot wait to complete my next mission.


I have learned how to manage my time more affectively not just for college but for everything. Many college students go to school, work and have other activities which means we have to learn how to balance it all. Once I learned how to manage my time everything else sort of fell into place. College helped me grow up and appreciate a lot of things because I met so many people, experienced various things and learned more than I expected to. I think everyone should experience the college life at least once. Many freshmen believe that the courses are the only thing they need to learn but they soon figure out that they learn more than just course material. I value my college experience because of the people I have met, the courses I have taken, and the small community I am apart of.


I chose Edgewood College over the UW-Madison because it has smaller class sizes and, to me, will keep me on track toward PA (Physician's Assistant) school. I am not just a number and have developed close relations with my professors, which has maximized the amount of information I am learning. I currently have a 3.9 GPA and have taken many science courses. This would indicate that Edgewood College is a very good fit for me. I also play tennis at Edgewood and take much pride in my school on an athletic level other than academic. I've made lifelong friends and have become more accepting of different people. Edgewood Collge has taught me the importance of education. I cherish my education very much and I am very excited to have such a strong support group, Edgewood professors and students. I've taken my education very seriously since I began college, but Edgewood College has taught me that the education I am receiving is not only good for a career but also for bulding character. I appreciate where I am in life and hope to continue my education in the medical field. Edgewood is a crucial stepping stone.


I can still remember it like it was yesterday; the warmth of my principal's hand as he shakes it while my other hand, slightly sweaty, reaches for the diploma, a grin across my face. I have finally graduated high school and am off to attend a four year college: Edgewood. Now, seven months later, I am a freshman beginning my second semester with a strong 4.0 grade point average, so grateful I have decided to further my education. So far I have learned important lessons in life; I believe moving away from home and living on campus in a dorm is showing me how to grow-up, but not in a too scary or too hasty of a way. I am no longer living life off of a silver platter. I have to do my own laundry, cleaning, cooking as well as keeping a healthy schedule that includes exercising, studying and healthy eating. I have also taken on the responsibility of caring for my betta fish. Everyday I am given the opportunity to put my values into action and show the world who I am; college is what is giving me this amazing shot at a successful life.


I am a US Army veteran and was honorably discharged after serving 1 year in Iraq, 1 year in Germany, and 2 at Fort Riley, KS. When I was back in the real world, life was not as it seemed. I was lost for some time and had no direction. My fiance convinced me to go back to school to persue a career. I looked into the recommendation and found myself interested in the world of IT. I attended a two-year technical college and received my degree in Systems Administration. I then was motivated and decided to persue my bachelor's in Computer Information Systems. That is where Edgewood came in. By then, I found myself married, with a son, and a mortgage. The only way to support my family was to continue on and receive something I have always dreamed of--a bachelor's degree. What have I gotten out of school? I was accepted at a biotech enterprise for an internship position. After working there for 6 months, I was hired on full time. School paved the way for my success. I used to be unmotivated before school, but now find myself striving for success!


I have honestly gotten a lot out of my college education thus far. I have attended college for 5 years originally pursuing an Elementary Education degree and have now since changed to Secondary Education based on my practicum and educational experiences. I have learned much more than I had ever thought and have established many relationships with teachers from my school and the surrounding school districts. After transferring to Edgewood College, all of my expectations were met and I realized what I had been missing at the previous universities. I had immediate connections to my instructors and the college staff. I have learned more at Edgewood than I have at my other schools and the experiences I have had at Edgewood not only confirm my degree choice, but have inspired me to graduate early to work as a High School teacher and have a classroom of my own! Edgewood college inspires students to learn and to be outstanding educators as students make their way into the classrooms. Edgewood College i a great school, but very expensive! I hope to continue my education at Edgewood and graduate in the Spring of 2012. Thank you for your time and consideration!


Iv'e gotten lot out


Being apart of the UW-Baraboo/ Sauk County campus community for the past four years has been a wordful experience. The small campus provided excellent class room enviornments which provided a more personal learning experience. Faculty were always available for questions and were willing to give the extra time to guarantee every chance to succeed at what they were asking of you, allowing every class I took at UW-Baraboo to be exicting and memorable. This enviornment has given me a greater understanding of the maturity it takes to go to college and dedicate yourself and your efforts to the tasks my professor asked of me. Not only did the attention I was given here at Boo-U enable me to want to continue my education and not settle with an assiocates degree, it also provided varieties of classes that supported my interest further into the wildlife management field. They allowed for a better understanding of the basics, which could be conveyed to me in more dicrect setting, that I now have a more impressive understanding of the SOP's of my field, which will help me transition more smoothly into my feild further along in my college career.


My college experience thus far has shaped me into a new person. Being a theatre major, I get to know a lot of different people and have learned to express myself. Edgewood has shown me that it is okay to be myself and that only God's judgement matters. I love the family that I have found in my fellow students here. From people in my dorm, my theatre family, my professors, and my faith sharing group, I feel completely at home. I thought that when I left home I would have a horrible transition and shed a lot of tears. However, it was not like that at all. I felt so accepted that I didn't feel homesick, rather, I felt as if I had just gained a new home. I do not regret coming to Edgewood adn look forward to the years to come here at school.


Not only have I learned a lot about myself throughout my first two years of college, I also have learned a lot about my future career, and many good tips for how to be better in my chosen career as a child life specialist. The child life program at Edgewood College is excellent; the child life professors are all child life specialists at a nearby hospital. In child life, a lot of education courses are needed as well, and a lot of the education professors I have had were also teachers at an elementary school or other level which they teach about. Edgewood has wonderful professors, and they have all really helped me learn how to be a better child life specialits, my ultimate goal in life. Attending Edgewood College was the best decision I ever made, and if given the opportunity to go back and re-do choosing a college, I wouldn't change a thing. Edgewod College was the perfect match for me.


I have gained many things from attending college. First, I gained pride. I am the first in my family to graduate high school and attend college. Being able to set an example for the younger generation of my family by doing so was a reward in itself. By being here I have also learned the value of interdependence . I used to believe one had to learn to be independent in order to succeed. However, my time here at Edgewood College although short has tought me how important it is to be able to go to others when you need to. It has been valuable to me to attend not only because I am recieving the priviledge of recieving an education but because I have been able to grow as a person. While being on mmy own I am learning things about myself I never knew and exploring a whole new world. I have opened my eyes, mind, and heart to many new outlooks. From the knowledge I've gained in the classroom to the knowledge I have gained from the people surrounding me I know I have become a better person and can only hope I continue to grow.


Finding meaning in my time spent at Edgewood College is a result of fulfilling my coursework towards my Nursing degree and getting involved with classmates outside the classroom. Additionally, staying on track with my nursing course work involves hard work, helping others and being involved with extra curricular activities. These extra curricular activities allow me to “let down” or do something different, permitting me to recharge for my next challenge. I enjoy being involved on campus and taking part in helping out with campus activities and other important events. Edgewood College has a diverse population and I enjoy meeting all kinds of new people. These are the qualities that bring true meaning to my educational experiences at Edgewood College.


College has been a place for me to learn and grow not just as a student but as an active part of a community. I've been able to really explore different areas to figure out what would be best for me. Also, I've been encouraged to continue my work, I work with children with Autism, and the school has been more than willing to accomidate that I need flexibility in my school schedule to fit in my work schedule. I feel very encouraged on my goals of life and happy with the path that I've chosen. College has been a valuable experience for me because I've been exposed to many different view points and I've been able to tell mine. People have critiqued them in a positive way so that I've been able to learn from others and alter my points of view, or keep them the same.


High school was the best four years of my life. I made best friends, met so many life changing teachers and learned so much. I was so sad to move on to college, but also excited. Now in my second semster in college, I couldnt be any happier. I love the new friends I've made and learned even more. The classes I've taken have been so interesting and taught me so much. I am currently attending Bristol Community College and I will be transferring my credits to Brockton Hospital Nursing School in August. The time I've spent at Bristol Comunity College has been so valuable and helpful to me. It has gotten me on the right foot and to learn what college is all about and also help to be one step closer to my dream of becoming a nurse.


Coming out of High School the only thing I looked forward to was escaping to college to go have fun. College is a great experience! I realized without this opportunity it would be hard to survive in the real world. Since attending college I have applied for four part-time jobs and the one question each interviewer asked me was, " So what are your plans for the future? Are you attending school?" I feel that without my answer of, "Yes I am attending college and planning on getting an internship with a major business company," I would have not recieved the job. Attending college has been a valuable asset in my resume and will coninue all through my lifetime. I would never give up this experience because I have met so many great people and have participated in so many activities that I will never forget. College has changed my view on life to be more focused and productive.


Well college has been a completely different experience for me compared to highschool. I absolutely hated highschool because for the most part I felt like I never really fit in. In college it's just the opposite because there are so many different people and so far everyone that I have met (students and staff) have been absolutely wonderful and helpful. So far I have gotten so much out of being in college because I have found exactly what I want to do in my life for a career and I'm so excited and can't wait to be able to start in a nursing career. Atteding college is extremely valuable to me because I'm a single mom of two with no help, working part time and going to school full time just so I can provide a better life for me and my kids. With out my college degree I will be struggling from paycheck to paycheck so this is my way out.


I started at a technical college before transferring to a four-year college. A scholarship would help me to complete my bachelor?s degree and pursue my true passions. I have worked many jobs in food service, retail, and photography to pay my way through college, coupled with student loans. However, the most valuable experiences I?ve had have been the ones I have been paid nothing or very little to do. My experience with the local Literacy Network inspires me to push myself to succeed in college. The organization teaches people from different backgrounds how to read, learn, and speak English. Many of the people who want to learn English have simple goals. For example, being better able to communicate with their children?s teacher. I volunteered to design for the non-profit?s newsletter for a year, revamping and updating the newsletter. This experience taught me a lot about the importance of helping others in as many ways as you can. That?s what I aspire to do with my life?to help others in as many ways as possible. College has helped me to realize this goal.


I know you are scared and not sure you can make it in college. Don't worry! You are capable of taking that leap into adulthood. You will have to work hard, ask lots of questions, study harder, stay up later, and learn to love a big cup of coffee for dinner when you pull those all-nighters. But it will all be worth it. You will see that college is where you really shine. Where you become who you're meant to be. You'll find out who you are as a person as you are pushed and pulled and stretched in new ways. Don't give up! The reward lies ahead of you. You will go from an uneasy, unsure-of-what-lies-ahead person to an educated, experienced confident professional. You mind will blossom, your personality will take shape as you dive into the depths of knowledge yet to be explored. I know it's a big step, but you've got what it takes to be successful. You already have the seed of knowledge planted inside of you that will sprout and bloom over the next few years. Now be brave, take a breath and jump!


If I could go back I would tell myself to be more appreciative of my family and everything that they have done for me. When I came to school I lost my Great Grandma, and both of my Grandmothers within the two semesters. It left my Mother and Father struggleing to keep their heads up. We were in the process of moving to another house and trying to sell our old house and then trying to sell my Grandmother's house as well. It was hard for them to comfort each other when they were unable to comfort themselves. It made me wish that I would have spent more time with them while I was in high school because I realized while I was in college that you don't know what you have until it is gone. It was hard to rest easy sometimes knowing that I did not appear as thankful for them as I am and I wish that I could go back to the day that I graduated from high school and tell each one of them thank you for helping me succeed and helping me get to where I am now.


Stay focused. Because of my perfect attendance throughout high school, maintaining a 4.0 GPA, and being involved in the community, I learned perseverance, time management skills, reliability, determination, and courage. All of these characteristics were a great benefit for the transition from high school into college. You can accomplish anything if you stay focused and believe in yourself.


I would tell myself to make sure I make the very best grades possible. I would also tell myself to make sure I get a college degree, that once I get to age 33 I will be living on my own and I need to take adventage of living at home while I can. At 33 that I will be working hard to support myself therefore; I will not be eligible to recieve a pell grant . It will be almost impossible for me to pay for college so I need to grasp the opportunity while I still can. I need to go to college right out of high school so I can send my parents money because they will lose alot of money in the stock market. I wish I could have forseen my future back then and grasped life by the hands better than I have. I am glad I now saw the light and am doing my very best to make my future brighter.


It?s simple really...In the event that I could travel back in time and speak to myself as a high school senior I would advise myself on the ups-and-downs of college. I would proceed to give myself a crash course on the do's and don?ts, essentially attempting to best prepare myself at a second shot to not do things much differently per say, but to do them far more efficiently and effectively. Shortly after I would very likely sip on a diet 7up and sit down with my 2009-2010 stock market statistics. I would have previously mapped out the events that triggered the recent so called "global" recession. I wouldn?t attempt to prevent it as I would only stand out as a ludicrous and more appropriately, a skeptic economist, however I would use it to my advantage. This future data would help my past self accrue large sums of profits to make a difference, for myself individually, to others as a community and to the planet as a whole. Ps/Note: The time and resources allotted to me on my endeavor back to the past must be taken into consideration.


Remember when dad was driving you back from a soccer game the other weekend and you were discussing college and he told you that you will change your major at least once? Or when he repeatedely said to expect the unexpected? Well, dad will be gone in three years and he won't be able to share his wisdom, so be sure to listen and learn from him now. He's smarter than you realize. Today, you can't picture yourself as anything but a teacher, but you will be able to do so soon enough. The people surrounding you and the challenges you endure will shape your goals. Dad said it's important to write down your goals and what motivates you. Even though they will change, you must reflect and see where you were, where you are, and where you are going. So keep a journal. You will change majors and face the most difficult time in your life, but you will survive. Expect the unexpected and when it arrives unwelcomed, remember you cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control how you deal with it. Don't fight these challenges. Let them guide you.


First and for-most I would tell myself to grow up. To become a responsible, active, and mature citizen for yourself and your country you need to grow up! If you want to excel in life the first step is to take responsibility of your life and where you are headed. High School is a breeze compared to "real life," and the harder you work on your grades and your test scores, better opportunityies will be furnished because of the initiative that you took in High School. Free will is something that all people have, but is something so many people do not understand. Understand that it is your life and the decisions you make, the influences you pur yourself around, and the steps you take will determine your destiny. With that said, please take the time to consider making wise and astute decisions for yourself because it will pay off when you hold that diploma and you go to find a career in this "savage economical system." Knowledge is something no one can take away from you, so take the time to obtain as much knowledge as you can now. Sincerely - Anthony C. Gonzales Stig.


This is a time when you feel like you are standing uncertainly on a diving board, preparing to plunge into the great unknown. You have many expectations and may have planned scenarios about what college life has in store for you. But instead of struggling to make college conform to your vision -- walk around and see what is around you. Don't try to fit your life into a slot -- learn from the big, bright opportunies college will bring. Ask questions. Study Student Life posters. Volunteer. Go to the documentary showing on campus. Visit art shows. Listen to campus radio stations. Attend lectures. Go -- even if the event isn't something you think you'll find interesting -- because this is how you will find out who you are. Explore, discover and learn. If you let life unfold before you, you may just find the path to your future.


Dear (high school senior) Mary Paige, I have changed a lot since high school due to the challenges and obstacles I faced while in college. It wouldn't be fair to tell you everything that has happened to me because all of it helped me become who I am today. However, I would like to give you three words of advice that will help you work toward being the best person you can be. You've probably already heard these words, but never really listened. The three words are: TAKE HEALTHY RISKS. College is full of new people, new surroundings, and new opportunities. Some of these new risks will be mistakes, but some will change your life for the better! You will never know which is which unless you take a healthy risk. There's so much advice that I'd like to give you- get involved, meet people, have fun, actually read the class material, exercise, eat well, call your parents, don't order food late at night, watch your food when it's cooking, separate your laundry before washing it, but most of all TAKE HEALTHY RISKS. Good Luck! Sincerely, (present-day) Mary Paige


Knowing everything that I know now about college life, I would probably tell myself to really study hard in high school and to take as many AP classes as possible. I would also tell myself to be more open to change and to realize that everyone is going through the same thing that you are. They may be taking different classes and going for a different degree but they are still attending school, maybe working, maybe playing sports, so they are still juggling more than one thing at the same time. College life is a great way to meet new people and basically to start over where no one may know who you are. While you are in college, you grow into an adult. During this time, you learn and experience a lot of things that you did not in high school. I would also tell myself to not worry about the small thing, but to always look at the big picture. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and hope that everything works out, sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. That's what life is all about, and college definatly helps with learning that.


I would tell myself that I was doing great. I would tell myself that everything I was working hard for in High-School would really help in college. I would tell my high school freshman self to think about the future when I want to put off my homework and think of how, once I'm in college that all the hard work I did in High-school would make college easier. (Since I went to a tough college prep.) I would also tell myself to not worry about what people think of you in high school, once you get to college you can be whatever you want and people will still accept you. I would tell myself: keep being who you are, work hard for what you want and stay strong; life only gets more fun.


I would say be very stingy when it comes to you money because college is a very expensive time in your life. Also be true to yourself and don't conform to people around you who you think you want to be friends with.