Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


The sterotype at this school is that everyone is wanting to become a pilot, which is not true. the majority of students are not enrolled in a flight course at Embry-Riddle. The other students come to pursue courses in engineering, human factors and the many other degree programs have to offer.




Some stereotypes at ERAU is that this is mostly a guy school. Recently we have been getting more women attend this school. Another is that at our school, you have to be in ROTC. This is not true, there are many students who are not in ROTC.


Nerds, rich kids, arabs, gays, military, douchebags


Aviation nuts, some geeks, all smart


the most common sterotype about Embry Riddle is that we are all either geeks (Engineers) or Pilots. This steriotype is actually quite accurate as they are the two degree programs that make up most of the student body.


There are a couple of main stereotypes at ERAU. One of which is that most of the students here are extremely rich. I would say this is half true. There are a lot of students here whose parents are military, work for airlines, or are high level engineers with good aerospace companies, and so a lot of them have money to burn. We also have a large international population, and most of those students tend to come from wealthy families from India or Dubai. Expect to see lots of expensive cars on campus. However, there are a lot of students, like myself, who come from lower class families and are struggling to find loans and grants to pay for the school. Another misconception is that ERAU is a "military school." This is not true. However, we do have some of the absolute best ROTC detachments in the country (in fact, our AFROTC unit commissions more officers than any other school except the Air Force Academy. About 25% of the school is in ROTC, and for those that aren't, a lot of them come from military families or are even ex-military themselves. Another big stereotype is that students at ERAU are somewhat nerdy and lack social skills. I would say this is mostly true to an extent. Most of the school is in engineering, so that old stereotype of engineers applies to them. It may also be due to the fact that the female population here is lower than most schools. But if you're the kind of person who watches the Big Bang Theory and you understand all of the physics and engineering jokes on the show, you'll fit right in here. One of the positive stereotypes we have at ERAU is that the students are very focused. This is something I will agree to 100%. You will be hard pressed to find a lot of people around campus who do illicit drugs. Even drinking problems are not too common on campus. People here tend to take school extremely seriously, and that is probably why ERAU is known to have high standards.


Many people in the aviation industry think that flight student who graduate from Embry-Riddle are pompous rich kids who think the world owes them something. Let me tell you that this is totally false. Every flight student at Embry-Riddle already have a burning desire to be a part of this small industry and they want to do nothing more than get through training to be in the cockpit of an airliner, corporate, or military aircraft. Student at Embry-Riddle have a motivation to be there and every single one of them wants to do well. There was nothing more appealing to me than to see all students like me; motivated hard-working individuals who want nothing more than to do well. Aside from that, there are all the common stereotypes at Riddle and this is clearly seen as soon as you walk into the main Student Cafeteria. You can see each of the Fraternities and Sororities sitting with none other but themselves. Some tables have the Hispanic/Latino students and then there is the table on the other side of the cafeteria filled with no other but the gamers. These guys are always there looking at their computers and you see them tinkering with their computers and games. There used to be a group of people who used to set up their Dungeons and Dragons game there. It was very interesting none the least.


The students are very motivated to excel to the best of their abilities. They study hard and are always helping each other out on projects, homework, and studying. Because ERAU is a small school everyone is very friendly and you can always find a friend to say hello to on the way to class.