Emmanuel College-Franklin Springs Top Questions

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Because Emmanuel is a small Christian college, the faculty and students are like a close-knit family. Knowing a lot of people on campus gives you the advantage of always having someone there to talk to. The teachers are genuinely interested in you as a person and in your education. They, along with the schools' counselors and student chaplains, are always open to talk to you no matter what you have going on. With all the chapels services, prayer groups, etc, one never goes spiritually hungry. It is an all around great place to grow spiritually, academically, and socially.


Since the school is Christ centered, you can be excused from being late/absent when you go through some sort of Jesus experience or "Jesus moment" while attending the convocation services on Tuesdays. So you can let God do his thing even though you have classes. Just talk to the campus Pastor and he will straighten everything out.