Emmanuel College-Franklin Springs Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are looking for a party school, you should not come to Emmanuel. We are required to sign a form that says we will not drink alcoholic beverages, go to clubs, or do drugs. If you are looking for the stereotypical "college experience" then you shouldn't come here. Emmanuel offers college degrees to students who weren't accepted at other schools and allows for academic progress in a Christian environment.


Someone who enjoys spending time drinking alcohol and partying. It is a zero tolerance school for that. Also anyone who is is openly gay, because this college follows biblical law.


The kind of person who should attend would be someone who doesn't mind a rural area and someone looking for a small campus with smaller class room settings then a larger university would have. Also the kind of person should attend if they are looking for an overrall friendly college campus with great people and a place for spiritual growth.


Someone who isn't ready to grow up and take responsibility for their lives but instead wants someone else to do it for them. A person who isn't interested in meeting new people who come from all over the world to pursue an education.


I would not recomend that people who are alcoholics or constint drug users attend this school. I also wouldn't recommend it to constant party goers.