Everest University-Tampa Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best things about the school I am attending is that it feels like family. When you walk into the school, you get a sense of friendship, and a sense of being. The school involves the students in activities that make you feel connected with other students.


The best thing about my school will have to be the instructors. They are reachable, understanding and some are creative in their teaching methods. They want to know if you are learning.


The best thing about my school is that the staff and faculty really pay close attention to students' needs. They show you every little step and walk through the entire process until you are finished and fully satisfied. It really shows how much they care about the success of the student population that attends the school.


The best thing that I considered about my school is my intake coulsoner he was so patishanite and welling to work with me through all f my ups and downs he realy stuck with me . That is the best thing that I enjoy about my school.


The best thing about my school is the staff, I have never felt like i belong somewhere until now. I didn't really like school because the teacher's didn't really care about the students but at this school the teacher's love to do thier jobs and will go the distance to make sure you are successful. And if you need more help there is always someone to talk to that can help you with your situation.


I love the small class sizes and the individual attention


The one on one attention that you just dont get when you walk in the door but you get it through out the whole program. Everyone knows who you and what program you are taking. you feel like family not just a student.

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