Fairfield University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A unique place filled with great opportunities and many learning experiences.


Fairfield University is an educational institution whose focus is on the jesuit values of men and women for others, reflection, magis, and cura personalis, in order to engage students in a lifelong commitment to both furthering their education and serving others.


My school is a small private college that you get to know most of the pole going their and everyone is friendly to eachother.


Fairfield University is homogenous, in the sense of race, socioeconomic standing, religous and political view, however it is academically challenging and a prestigou school offering a great alumni network and future job prospectives.


It is accepting and welcoming


My school is a community in which most students get along and work hard to do well and achieve their goals.


Fairfield University is a prestigious institution that allows students to become well-rounded individuals not only in the academic setting, but also in a social and professional sense as well.


Fairfield University can best be described as an institution where you can learn and have an enjoyable college experience.


My school, Fairfield University, is a great school that has a beatiful campus, great housing opportunities, as well as many activities and clubs that you can get involved in.


Small Liberal arts school where anything is possible.


Our campus is beautiful, it has a lot of green space, many trees and a lot of wildlife. The campus has some small hills in certain areas. There is a large pond near the School of Business a very popular space during the spring time since it is so beautiful and relaxing. At night it is well lit and during the day students are always walking to and from class, or going to work or studying. The two furthest points on campus are about 15 minutes apart. It is such a nice and safe campus that a nice stroll regardless of the time is always a good way to relieve stress from workloads.


My school lacks diversity.


Fairfield University provides numerous opportunities for academic excellence.


A Jesuit education means something different.


Jesuit school very intense on the aspect of community, and the liberal arts, they want you to learn as much as you can about everything, and most of all, about yourself.


My school is interesting, exciting, natural, and fun all in one because the social life and the academics are mostly combined into one.


Fairfield is a place held together by and the product of the people who attend it.


Fairfield University is a liberal arts academic institution that puts great emphasis on a well rounded education that is based on the Jesuit values.


Small, population is pretty well off financially, enthusiastic in attempts to increase diversity and passionate about social justice.


A collection of girls who all dress wearing tight leggings, uggs, have super tanned skin, and are fake, with a majority of guys going for that type of girl and being much more concerned with social life and their cliques than school work.


I find Fairfield to be the perfect size, with a good mix of people (some rich snobby people--but overall good friendly people), and great academics. I love the balance between playing a varsity sport and still having a social life. I think the school spirit could be increased quite a bit, but overall I love it here!


wish we had a good basketball team, it would be more fun


Fairfield is great but competitive. Costs alot of money to go to, and you will find alot of kids similiar to yourself.


An extremely safe place that promotes community among faculty and staff. Beautiful campus, great facilities. Small class size, tons of ways to get involved and meet new people throughout campus. Clean, nice buildings, great people. Amazing place.