Fairfield University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics are definitely interesting as long as you put effort into your work. Classes are places from a reciprocal relationship to occur. Professors dedicate their times to teaching students, and in turn, students wow teachers by showing they listen and understand the lessons being taught. My favorite class so far is Memoir Writing. I am a journalism major, so while I love to write creatively, I never get a lot of chances. My professor is young and so knowledgeable about the publishing field. We get to write a lot of stories and read them to the class. The students in my class are always encouraging. Of course, there are complaints from students, but my philosophy is that if you don't like a class, don't take it. It's as simple as that!


Classes here are great. Professors make a great effort to know your name and have a positive relationship with you. Class sizes are small so it is easy to get to know the teachers well. The teachers try to work with you to help you know the material well.


The academics for the most part are really strong. The business school here at Fairfield is loved by many, and both the bio/premed and nursing programs are extremely strong. For the rest of us who aren't enrolled in one of these programs, however, we often feel forgotten. For example, I'm a psychology major, and unfortunately the psych program here is not a very strong one. Because of this, I've decided to double major and minor in an attempt to get something out of my education here. Certain classes are fantastic, but like any school, there are always good and bad classes and good or bad professors. It's hit or miss at just about every school. Depending on who you are as an academic student, you can find your niche. For example, if you're really competitive in your academics, you might want to consider the honors program, which will really challenge you to go above and beyond. Students in the honors program often have intellectual conversations outside of the class and carry their new knowledge with them as they interact with one another. The biggest part about Fairfield academics is the core. Being a Jesuit school, there is a HUGE core. If you have no idea what you want to do with your life, this is always helpful. It forces you to take a ton of different classes and might help you figure out where you want to go with your college career. Unfortunately, the core can become a nuisance when you already know exactly what you want to do and aren't interested in philosophy, but still have to take those two philosophy classes, or if you want to have a really intense major/minor and don't have time for extra classes that will do nothing to help you. It really depends on what you want; you can make the academics here be whatever you want them to be.


Academics are challenging but not impossible. Professors are really nice and go out thier way in order to help you, the university requires office hours regardless of this they are more than wiliing to stay after in order to help the students understand. The students must pursue the professors for help because it is the responsibility of the student to do so. Each class is different since all professors have different teaching styles. I am a Sociology major and Spanish minor. The core curriculum is extensive but it is the way many students find thier interests or find interests in areas they never thought they had. Thier goal is to make us well rounded students in order to have better chances in the job market.


One of my favorite things about Fairfield is the small class sizes. I have never been in a class with more than 30 students, which I find extremely beneficial. Professors know you by name and take a personal interest in your studies, which has been very motivational for me. Students work together to achieve academic success for the most part. The school's core curriculum is very rigorous and extensive, but it provides for a well-rounded education.