Fairfield University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I am very proud of the liberal arts education that I received at Fairfield University. I appreciate the holistic approach taken to education at Fairfield University, which includes a rigorous core curriculum that epmahsizes critical thinking. Addionally, Fairfield's emphasis on public service and the Jesuit values of social justice. The emphasis on values and service set this university apart from other schools. The pofessors are experts and truly care about their students - more so than in larger, research based universities. Lastly, the campus and location is absolutely beautiful.


The campus is absolutely beautiful and well-maintained. The town of Fairfield offers wonderful things to do and it is also beautiful. It is on the Long Island Sound and it is a great area. Fairfield's students also form a great community. They emphasize community service and positive values.


The professors are awesome! My anthropology teacher is the best.


The quality of the Film department and all of the opportunities I have been given while being a film major here at Fairfield University.


Everyone has fun when they go to Fairfield. Whether they are going to dances, hanging out in the quad, or going down to the beach we all have fun. Everytime a friend of mine visits, they have the time of their lives and cannot get enough of Fairfield.


I brag that the business department has an excellent reputation for being one of the best around. Also, students are very friendly and there are many social activites to pass the free time.


Vacations. Nice campus. Close to city.


The library, it's beautiful! And the grounds too.


The school has a broad curriculum that makes a person widely knowledeable. It has a great pre-med program


The accounting department


How many opportunites socially and academic I have


seniors live at the beach


I would say the thing I mention most about Fairfield University would be that seniors have the opportunity (and the majority of seniors take advantage of) to live off campus on the beach. It is the Long Island Sound but it is a beach nonetheless, and everyone hears stories of Clam Jam and beach parties in the 70's (apparently the good ole days). Living off campus is one thing but to live a beachfront lifestyle is amazing, including gated communities for just seniors (The Point) and most beach houses that Fairfield students take are close to each other (campus).


I like the small class sizes and the ideal location, just five minutes away from fairfield beach and only 70 minutes away from NYC which is great if you are looking for an internship!


Great social life, great parties,


The social life at Fairfield is very strong. Every weekend everyone seems to be drinking and having a good time, and for me thats very enjoyable. Plain and simple, there are many great looking girls that attend this school, and many people are attracted to that. I also like to tell them that the setting of the school is absolutely beautiful.


Fairfield's location on the long island sound makes the school unique in the sense that it is a beach town, and at the same time is ranked as having one of the best business schools by Princeton Review.