Fairfield University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known how important it was to commit to a small amount of clubs, but become very involved with them, rather than commit to a variety of clubs, but not be able to give my all to each one. Fairfield University offers such a wide variety of clubs, but I would have liked to been able find ones that I really connect with and move up through the ranks of officers, rather than just be a participant in several of these extra curricular activties.


I wish i had known that living on campus was not as easy as everyone makes it out to be. Living on campus is not bad but sometimes my floor mates make it bad. The loud music during "quiet" hours, the drunk girls in the halls and also the vandalism that happen in the bathrooms. I am very happy that I have a very good roommate because I have seen some bad roommate relationships.


They do not offer certain courses for certain majors. Need to have better cordination when the students get sick and needs medical attention. Lack diversity.


Before coming to Fairfield University, I wish I had known that the dorm buildings are extremely hot in the beginning of the year. I wish I had known that the food at Barone (Fairfield's cafeteria) is really not good and there is not much of a nutritious selection. I wish I had known that the class registration process is tricky and annoying. I wish I had known that AP classes really do help with your course load.


I came in knowing everything that I think was necessary


There is nothing I wish I had known.


The lack of diversity. Although it is apparent, it also flies under the radar.


I wish i knew how prevelant alcohol was.


That it is awesome and not to worry.


nothing. I know everything that I have to know


How much partying/drinking occurs on a daily basis


How much it would give to me




To start my career search very early, especially internships.


I wish I knew how difficult the nursing program really would be, and the intense amount of core classes we are required to take to graduation. Also I wish when I was a freshman I hadn't listened to Fairfield sterotypes and got to know more students right away, I am not a junior living with a house with five great friends and I have a great boyfriend, freshman year however I was very unhappy and lonley, I didn't give the other students a chance at first due to socioeconomical reasons.


I wish I knew how traditional they were and that the social life on campus is boring. I usually ggo off campus to go party. However, New Haven is only 25 minutes away, next to Yale's Campus. In New haven there all types of bars and clubs. Plus New York city is a 45 minute trian ride away.


Probably the same that any incoming freshman would wish they knew before going to school, but had to learn.