Fairfield University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I really enjoy the smaller sized classes and the personal realtionships that can be made with faculty. You really get to know the people in your classes and your teachers. The professors make them selves avalible in office hours and appiontments.


I have really enjoyed the environment on campus, the range and availabilty of activities, clubs, research and hands-on learning opportunities. The faculty are great and incredibly helpful and supportive, and the students are all respectful and grateful for everything Fairfield offers.


The best thing about Fairfield University is that it's professors are committed to the helping their students reach their fullest potential. The Univeristy is also well connected with surrounding companies and buisnesses to help students get jobs and internships after and during college.


The best part of Fairfield University is it's involvement. When first attending, you participate in many activities geared torward first year students. These programs help you meet other new students as well as feel comfortable at Fairfield. They definitely helped me feel welcome as a new student and as a part of the Fairfield community. These programs also extend throughout your whole time at Fairfield, which I appreciate.


The amount of green areas on campus gives the campus and isolated feel which is nice. It also has so much wildlife on campus; there's deers, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, even wild parrots. The large pond we have by the school of business is so relaxing and adds to the scenery of the campus. There are so many different types of people with different backgrounds that go to school here, every day you can meet someone new and interesting.


The education in general is good.


I like that the school has a few graduate schools on campus, allowing one to get the taste of what education after college may hold and sometimes one can take a graduate level course as an undergraduate. The teachers in the Math and Physics department are amazing and are the best mentors that one could have!


The best aspect of my school is the easy access to your teachers. Many teachers, when they see something good in a student (that excels or what not), will grasp onto the student and give them many offers to further their education. Not only that, but most teachers seem actively engaged in your work, fully explaining themselves in terms of what they want you to learn from their class. If you are having issues, teachers are very accessible and easy to talk to in order to critique and amend themselves or yourself.


Great professors, high standards, lots of sports, lots of activities.


It has all the resources you could want in a university: professors willing to meet with students, dozens of clubs, plenty of different and engaging courses, plenty of special opportunities. But whats great is that the size of the student body allows you to often times get immediately involved with whatever you are interested in. You need only look for yourself. There are plenty of people willing to help you foster your interests on campus and off.


I think the best aspect of Fairfield University is the Dolan School of Business. The business school has great programs and professors, as well as many loyal alumni in a variety of business related fields. It also offers many internship opportunites in surrounding areas such a Stamford, CT and New York City. The in depth knowledge provided by the business school professor combined with job opportunities are what make Fairfield University worth it for me.


I've made the best friends that I'll have for my entire life. Honestly, I think the best thing here is the people.


the availability of post-graduate opportunities, most professors are very helpful and willing to work with you when you have problems or need help.


The professors. Not all are good, but there are definitely some out there who really care and want to have a personal realtionship.


I consider the best thing about Fairfield University to be the location, located in the metro area next to the finance capitol of the world, NYC. It is very easy to take the Metro North train into the city where a plethora of opportunities and internships are available, depending on your career path.


Very friendly atmosphere, perfect size, and beautiful campus.


School Enviroment. Everyone seems happy to be at school, and living not in but close to NYC


the social life. Coming in as a freshman, I loved my school due to the social life. Getting to know everyone was the best for me!


Social life, as well as environment and friendliness of faculty/students


It is a tie between it's location and it's friendly community atmosphere. The town of Fairfield is right on the water and generally everybody is pretty easy to get along with.